If you’re living in New York, you’re probably familiar with the GroundLink car service. The good news for those living in New York and who utilizes GroundLink from time to time, or for those who may be new to the city, the car service has recently launched a mobile application that will allow users to make bookings and reservations for car services via an application along with some changes to their overall service.

The app will be available for both iOS and Android users, and will feature a “Ride Now” or “Ride Later” option, with the former allowing users to call for a car in real time, and with the latter allowing for bookings and scheduled pick ups. Much like Uber’s service (another cab/car service), users will be able to track the location of the cars they ordered and communicate with the driver directly.

GroundLink is also aiming for price transparency, a feature they are hoping will set them apart from their competitors who may charge by the distance. Instead GroundLink is aiming to provide users with a fixed rate right from the get-go, meaning that GroundLink will quote the user a price and that will be the final price users can expect to pay, as opposed to reaching their destination and getting a bill shock.

This new feature is launching today in New York City, and it seems that if all is successful with their new model, GroundLink could be looking to expand their services worldwide. For more information you can head on down to their website.

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