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New Nexus 7 Release Expected Next Week
It is no secret that Google is going to be unveiling the new Nexus 7 tablet soon. There have already been a lot of rumors and a lot of speculation regarding what features this new tablet will have. The company itself hasn’t confirmed when it will be announcing this tablet, let alone be releasing it for the public. According to Engadget, which possess screenshots from OfficeMax’s internal inventory system, the […]

New Nexus 7 Prices Allegedly Leak
There have already been a lot of rumors regarding the new Nexus 7 tablets. Google itself hasn’t confirmed that it is going to launch a new Nexus tablet soon, however we’ve seen purported leaked images of this device and have also seen the specifications it is expected to tout. Today the new Nexus 7 price has allegedly been leaked, the source of this leak is a screenshot from an unnamed […]

New Nexus 7 And Galaxy Note 3 Certified In Indonesia
The new Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been certified in Indonesia. Both devices are expected to be released in the coming months.

Staples Slashes Nexus 7 Prices, New Variant Coming?
Staples has reduced the prices of both 32GB and 16GB Nexus 7 tablets, fueling speculation that perhaps a refreshed variant is going to be unveiled soon.


Market Showing Increased Interest In Smaller Tablets Like iPad mini
A research firm claims that the global market is showing an increased interest in smaller tablets like the iPad mini, as opposed to conventional 10 inch tablets.

Nexus 7 Dock Not Available On US Play Store
The Nexus 7 Dock is no longer available on the US Play Store.

Asus Nexus 7 Re-certified By Bluetooth SIG
No, it does not seem as though a new Nexus 7 is coming, but rather, we have the current Nexus 7 getting re-certified by the Bluetooth SIG.

Tablets May Overtake Portable PC Sales By Year's End
It is expected that tablet sales will overtake portable PC sales by end of this year. It is also a possibility that all PC sales might be overtaken by tablets in 2015.

Google Glass Apps Run On A Nexus 7 Tablet
So you are hoping that someone with a pair of Google Glass might actually be careless enough to lose this unique and I would go so far out on a limb to say that it is highly sought after, too, pair of technologically advanced glasses. This wearable Android-based computer will be able to let you control it to a certain extent by talking to it, but with just a few […]

Nexus Q Will Reportedly Not Be Revived At I/O 2013
Google unveiled the Nexus Q at last year’s I/O conference and though the device garnered sufficient buzz initially, its sales were stopped after approximately one month. Google said back then that it would relaunch the product with some changes later, but that is not going to happen at I/O 2013, this according to a report by AllThingsD.Google I/O 2013 starts from Wednesday and the company is expected, as always, to […]

New Nexus 7 Release At Google I/O 2013 Rumored Again
Apart from unveiling the next platform update of Android, Google is also expected to make a number of hardware related announcements at I/O 2013 as well. It has already been rumored that both Nexus 5 and the Motorola X Phone will not be announced at the conference. Recently we heard that a new Nexus 7 tablet, manufactured in association with Asus, will be announced. Today, that rumor has been corroborated by Ming-Chi Kuo, a […]

Asus Hopes To Shake Up Tablet Market With Its Small Windows 8 Tablets
Today in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Asus CEO Jerry Shen said that he was very optimistic about the sales of Windows 8 tablets. He says that tablets powered by Windows 8 will see a significant growth in sales this year, and to achieve that 7-inch tablets powered by Windows 8 are going to be essential. This is true to some extent as almost all major manufacturers have […]

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Release At Google I/O Reportedly Delayed
A lot has already been rumored about Google’s I/O conference. It is believed that the company will announce a revamped Nexus 7 and a 32GB LTE Nexus 4 instead of a next generation Nexus 5 smartphone. Google was also expected to announce the next major Android platform update, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Its release has now reportedly been delayed by as much as four months to give ample time […]

New Nexus 7 To Be Priced At $149?
Earlier this morning, we brought you word that there will be a spanking new Nexus 7 tablet in the works, thanks to the folks over at Google. Just to refresh one’s memory, it seems that Reuters have cited “sources with knowledge of the product”, where it is touted that Google intends to ship anywhere from 6 to a whopping 8 million units of the new tablet, where it could even […]