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Users Are Reporting That Their Nexus Players Are Mysteriously Dying
Several years ago, Google launched the Nexus Player which was basically Google’s attempt at their own set-top box to rival the competition like the Apple TV. Safe to say that it was not the resounding success that Google had hoped for as the company has pretty much stopped bothering with it since.

Google Confirms Nexus Player Will Not Be Updated To Android P
The Nexus Player was originally launched in 2014 and has since been discontinued, but despite being discontinued, Google has surprisingly kept the device up to date with new features. For example last year Google updated the Nexus Player with Google Assistant, but it seems that’s as far as the Nexus Player will go.

Nexus Player Gets Google Assistant
Google has decided to roll out its artificial intelligence-powered Assistant to the Nexus Player. The company’s first proper digital media player has now received support for the Google Assistant. Yes, there was the Nexus Q, but we all know how that turned out. The Nexus Player has received support for Google Assistant with the November security update for the device.

Google Store Drops Nexus Player
The inevitable has happened to the Nexus Player after all this while – it is no longer available for purchase from the Google Store. Ah well, this is but the circle of life, even for hardware, as nothing remains forever as new models are released from time to time. While the release of the Nexus Player with Android TV did come with a pretty slick interface alongside solid streaming options, […]


Google Nexus Player Price Drops
It is not too long from now that Google will oversee a media event in San Francisco, and that is the venue in which many o fus expect the Internet search giant to show off a range of its new Nexus flagship handsets, as well as the latest OS update that will be deliciously known as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If one were to rewind the clock by a year, Google […]

Possible New Google Nexus Player Spotted At The FCC
So a couple of days ago, Apple announced their new Apple TV and now it looks like Google might have an answer for that as well. According to a recent FCC filing, a device from Google has been spotted which some believe could be the new Nexus Player, an update from last year’s model.Given that the Nexus Player was launched in October 2014, we suppose it makes sense that a […]

Sling TV Now Available On All Android TV Devices
Sling TV today announced its app for the Android TV platform which now puts this over-the-top internet TV streaming service on all devices running Android TV, including the Nexus Player by Google. To commemorate this collaboration Sling TV and Google are launching a promotion which will put the Nexus Player in customers’ hands for half price. It’s similar to the promotion that Sling TV and Amazon ran when the app […]

CM12.1 For Nexus Player Released
If you were to search for the most popular custom ROMs for Android you’ll certainly come across CyanogenMod. The folks at Cyanogen develop one of the most widely used custom ROMs for Android devices and they’ve not spared the Nexus Player. A nightly build of CM12.1 for Nexus Player has now been released, it’s based on Android 5.1. Since it’s not a stable release you must proceed with caution particularly if […]

Android 5.1.1 For Nexus Player Released
Android 5.1.1 has been spotted multiple times recently in the Android SDK Manager and Developer Portal so it was expected that this version of Google’s mobile operating system will be coming out soon, and it has. Today Google has released Android 5.1.1 for Nexus Player, one of the first Android TV devices ever to hit the market.

Nexus Player Now Available From Retailers
The Nexus Player was the first retail device powered by Android TV. This set-top box has been manufactured by ASUS and it runs on the relatively new platform from Google that’s aimed at taking over your living room. This device has only been sold through the Google Play Store ever since it was launched but that changes today. The Nexus Player is now available through U.S. retailers. Amazon, Newegg and […]

Android 5.0 For Nexus Player Port Released
Earlier this year Google announced Android TV, yet another attempt to increase its presence in the living room. The software is going to power set-top boxes and other devices, Asus was the first one out with the Nexus Player, which is powered by Android TV. This device has software that’s developed to provide a great user experience on TV, its basically a subset of Android 5.0, but doesn’t have as […]

Nexus 9 And Nexus Player Available Now From Google Play Store
It has merely been two weeks since Google announced its new crop of Nexus devices which included the much rumored Nexus 9 tablet, as well as the company’s first Android TV powered streaming box. Both products were available for pre-order soon after they were unveiled but if you happen to be one of those people who like to take their sweet time in making up their minds about purchasing a […]

Google Nexus Player: First Impressions
Google’s Chromecast is a fine product, but it’s not enough to control the living room and fend off set-top boxes like the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV. While there are now more set-top boxes than we have HDMI ports to connect them to, Google’s Nexus Player is another bid for controlling the living room. We got to toy with Google’s Nexus Player and get a first look at […]

Nexus Player Is A New Set-Top Box From Google
Earlier this year Google showed off its new software platform through which it hopes to take over your living room once again. Android TV seemed pretty impressive when it was unveiled back at I/O 2014 and now the first set-top box powered by it has been announced. Google and Asus have developed the Nexus Player set-top box which comes with a remote that has voice search capability.