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Unofficial Samsung Nexus Prime render created from Unpacked video looks sexy
If the cryptic video we wrote about earlier today isn’t enough to feed your hunger for the Nexus Prime (assuming the phone in the video is what we’ve all been waiting for), you’re in luck. Someone took the video, and created a render of the phone based on it to give us a better look at what it’s going to turn out like. And judging by the image, it looks […]

Mysterious poem drops hints about the Nexus Prime
October is soon approaching, and with news of Ice Cream Sandwich being released on that month, people are expecting the release of a new flagship Android phone as well. And this time around, the phone in question is the Samsung Nexus Prime. Details about the phone have been leaked quite a number of times in the past, but nothing concrete or official has been announced yet.A Twitter user known for […]

Samsung Nexus Prime resembles Nexus S and headed to all carriers?
The next “Nexus” phone, that’s been rumored to be built by Samsung and called the Nexus Prime has been rumored to have been spotted by the folks over at The Droid Guy. They claimed that at the Verizon Developer’s conference today, they stumbled upon a Samsung worker who was using an Android phone that they couldn’t recognize. They talked to him and managed to convince the guy to show them […]

Samsung Nexus Prime specs leak?
Samsung’s Galaxy S II might be the South Korean conglomerate’s latest triumph in the world of Android-powered smartphones, but it is just a pause before they roll out the next big thing, of course. Google’s own smartphones (which has been outsourced to others to manufacture) have always been pretty high end to begin with, and one good thing about those is this – you get the latest operating system version […]


@GalaxySsupport tweet suggests Droid/Nexus Prime coming soon?
Many were surprised when Verizon announced that they would not be carrying the much-awaited and highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone. It was an odd move given how the three other major carriers – Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile were rushing to bring it in. Then it was leaked that Verizon had another Samsung device in mind, the Samsung Droid Prime.

Samsung DROID Prime coming to Verizon? (Rumor)
According to BGR, it seems that they have learned from one of their sources that Verizon has plans to launch a new device known as the Samsung DROID Prime. Based on the name we can’t be sure if this has any relation to the Nexus Prime, the third Google Nexus device that apparently Samsung will be building.

Samsung Nexus Prime receives WiFi certification
Yesterday there was an alleged cease and desist letter from Samsung that confirmed the name of the upcoming Nexus phone from Google, the Nexus Prime. Now we have more confirmation about the device being on the way. It’s been reported that the Nexus Prime (aka Samsung GT-I9250) was spotted receiving its WiFi certification from It is a certification process that WiFi-capable devices have to go through to ensure that […]

Nexus Prime Confirmed by Accident?
While rumors of an upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime have been floating around, the latest reported “leak” suggests that the Samsung legal team did an “oppsie” by mentioning the Nexus Prime in a Cease and Desist letter, thus giving legitimacy to the rumors.The Nexus Prime is supposed to be the next-generation of “pure” Android experience, which means “not tainted by handset makers attempts at adding value”. In all fairness, a handful […]

Nexus Prime to arrive on October 4th?
Word has it that the next superphone which runs on Google’s Android operating system would ne the Nexus Prime – and what’s so great about it? How about this for starters – the Nexus Prime will run on the next version of the Android operating system, currently dubbed as Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems that the Nexus Prime is set to arrive this coming October 4th, where it will come […]