nexus-primeWhile rumors of an upcoming Samsung Nexus Prime have been floating around, the latest reported “leak” suggests that the Samsung legal team did an “oppsie” by mentioning the Nexus Prime in a Cease and Desist letter, thus giving legitimacy to the rumors.

The Nexus Prime is supposed to be the next-generation of “pure” Android experience, which means “not tainted by handset makers attempts at adding value”. In all fairness, a handful of handset companies do add real value, while others just make something different for the sake of it, which is a bit lame.The rumors say that the Nexus Prime would have a 960×540 to 1280×720 AMOLED display and a dual-core system on a chip (SoC). The SoC vendor however, hasn’t made it to the rumor mill yet, and we don’t know if Samsung, NVIDIA or even Qualcomm would be behind it. Right now, Samsung uses both Samsung and NVIDIA SoCs (Tegra).

On the radio side, LTE would be the first option, making it a potential handset for Verizon, or AT&T (if their LTE ever comes out). Obviously, the issue with that would be the horrendous battery life that every LTE handset seems to experience (read our Droid charge review and HTC Thunderbolt Review). Industry sources tell us that things will get better in 2012…

At this point, we can’t confirm that the C&D letter is real, but history tells us that such gaffes do happen. What do you think?

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