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Verizon officially announces the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was announced earlier this week in Hong Kong, but there were no details about which carriers will be selling the device revealed (if you don’t count the hints on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus interest page) – until this evening. Verizon has issued a press release, officially confirming that the flagship Android superphone will be available on its network. And yes, the phone will support 4G LTE on […]

Sprint Galaxy Nexus coming soon?
We’ve previously reported about the US carriers that will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, well we’ve got some news that the phone might be arriving sooner than we think (i.e. no rumored Verizon exclusivity). A purchase order for a Galaxy Nexus poster for Sprint has been discovered and leaked to the folks over at BriefMobile. While we don’t get to see the poster, the order does list it as […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specs (Official)
Yup, it’s official folks! The third generation Nexus device by Samsung is now official, and it looks it will be going by the Galaxy Nexus moniker instead of the Nexus Prime name that we have been hearing so much about. As far as hardware specs are concerned, it’s pretty much the same specs that was leaked earlier on today.

Samsung Nexus Prime promo poster leaked
Earlier today we reported that Japan’s NTT DoCoMo may have gotten ahead of itself and announced that they would be carrying the Samsung Nexus Prime come November, and now thanks to an Italian blog by the name of Android HDBlog we can now more or less be certain of what the third generation Nexus handset will look like.


Samsung Nexus Prime announced by NTT DoCoMo in Japan
Looks like the Samsung Nexus Prime gets no respect at all – as it the much looked forward to device has just be announced by the good people over at NTT DoCoMo all the way in the Land of the Rising Sun despite it being hours away Stateside before Samsung and Google’s team up will see the upcoming super smartphone launched with Ice Cream Sandwich inside.

Samsung Nexus Prime might not be the only stock Ice Cream Sandwich phone launched this year
According to @Black_Man_X, a tipster who’s well-known for his accurate predictions, Samsung might not be the only company to release a stock Android phone this year. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Google uses “Nexus” to describe its flagship Android phones that carry the pure Android experience. No added bloatware or manufacturer/carrier customizations – just plain Android. So far there have been two Nexus phones – the Nexus […]

Samsung Nexus Prime launch pushed to the 19th?
We know that the launch of the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich has been pushed back but there hasn’t been any official word about when the event has been postponed to. Well, according to the folks at Engadget who received some inside information from a tipster – the launch of the Nexus Prime/Google Ice Cream Sandwich has been scheduled for October 19th – next week.The event will supposedly be […]

Real reason behind Nexus Prime delay? (Rumor)
While the Nexus Prime may have accidentally been outed as “coming soon”, many were wondering what the original reason behind the delay was to begin with. According to Samsung, the reason why the event has been pushed back is due to the company deciding to express their tribute to the passing of Steve Jobs, which sounds about right and a rather respectable move, especially considering that both Apple and Samsung […]

Nexus Prime does the FCC jig
Samsung’s Nexus Prime has gone through quite a lot even before it is officially announced, where it was originally touted to be on display at the Samsung Unpacked event which was subsequently shelved to a later date. Well, the iPhone 4S might be going great guns in terms of pre-orders (over a million!), but that could be due to sentimentalism after Steve Jobs called it a day here on earth, […]

Nexus Prime boot animation revealed?
We know that the release of the Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus is going to be delayed so it looks like Android fans that have been waiting for it will have to wait a little bit longer. This also means that we’ll have time for more leaks to surface about the phone before its official announcement – case in point, the phone’s boot animation that was recently discovered. It wasn’t mentioned how […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus to be delayed
As most of the rumors had it, Samsung was rumored to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (a.k.a Nexus Prime) and Google was said to be launching Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 next Tuesday at the Samsung Unpacked 2011 event. We’re sure that many are already pretty excited about the impending release of both the phone and the updated OS, especially with images of the Galaxy Nexus surfacing which served only […]

Samsung Nexus Prime caught in the wild? [video]
Today seems rife with Nexus announcements. We just reported about the “corrected” specs for the next Nexus phone, and now we’ve got reports about the phone has making an appearance in the wild. A Romanian website, recently posted up two new images and a video of the phone that is said to be the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime. While the pictures and video of the phone surely look like it […]

Real Samsung Nexus Prime specs revealed?
Yesterday we wrote about the alleged specs for the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime that were revealed by the folks over at BGR. Well, we have a post from GSMArena have posted a report saying that yesterday’s specs were in fact wrong, and the phone is supposedly even more impressive than we thought. According to their tipster who was supposed to be a Google insider, when Samsung advertised the phone with the […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus specs revealed?
The Samsung Nexus Prime, or rather the Galaxy Nexus (the Nexus Prime was just a codename for it) was thought to have been teased in Samsung’s Unpacked event teaser video, as pictured above. While specs of the device have only been speculated on, BGR has reportedly managed to get their hands on the full specifications of the device, which is expected to be unveiled at Samsung’s Unpacked event next Tuesday.