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Night Photography: Brighter Is Not Always BetterEditor's Pick
Excellent low-light photography is the most sought-after quality in a smartphone camera. For many users, it has become a proxy for “how good” a camera really is, and therefore a proxy of its (monetary) value.

Fancy Becoming a Superhuman? Get Night Vision Injected In Your Eyeballs
Okay, so this might just come up as little freaky, but, a group of autonomous researchers announced this week that they have attained success in inducing night vision in a human test subject through injecting a liquid solution straightaway in the eyeball…

Falcon Eye KC-2000 Night Vision Camera Shoots In Color HD
The average consumer might not have too much use for a camera that’s capable of taking pictures and shooting videos in night vision mode, but its quite essential for journalists on the ground who often find it hard to capture and broadcast events transpiring in places where lighting isn’t exactly favorable. This is where Komamura Falcon Eye KC-2000 steps in. The company has been in this business for over 60 years […]

Netgear Launches VueZone Wire-Free Night Vision Camera For Home Monitoring
[CES 2013] [CES 2013] What good is a home monitoring system if when at night, the camera is unable to pick up on what’s going on? For those who are really particular about security and the safety of their home and family, Netgear has launched the VueZone night vision camera which the company is boasting to be the industry’s only completely wire-free night vision camera system.


Turn Predator with these night vision goggles
Don’t you think that the Predator’s bunch of gear in the movies is nothing short of kick ass, although without any of it, the Alien seems to have the upper hand with pure evolution backing it up. Well, for those who want to play Predator in the middle of the night, defense contractor ITT Exelis has come up with a new range of night vision goggles which will let you […]

SA Photonics Advanced Digital Night Vision System makes you glad you're in the dark
SA Photonics has developed the HRNVS (High Resolution Night Vision System) – a wide field digital head mounted display designed for commercial and military pilots of fixed-wing airplanes and rotorcraft. Night vision has been an important aspect of the US military – allowing pilots to fly around in the dark in relative safety, and giving them the edge in night time battles. But according to surveys of US Air Force […]

Magpix IR-101 Midnight/Shot lets you take infrared photographs
Wanted to shoot your own artsy Kinect photographs or capture pictures of wildlife at night, but didn’t have access to any infrared-sensitive cameras? While infrared cameras aren’t exactly new technology, they’re not very common and are always a novelty to have. The Magpix IR-101 Midnight/Shot is no exception. Featuring a 5 megapixel image sensor, it takes images at 2,560 x 1,920 resolution and videos at 640 x 480. With an […]

Night vision camera that shoots in color
The Nanosystem Research Division of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan), recently showed off a new camera that is capable of taking color photos in the dark. It makes use of highly sensitive infrared technology that allows it to capture real-time color video in darkness. Using advanced algorithms to analyze reflected wavelengths from objects of different colors, the camera is able to fill the images with […]

Tokyoflash Night Vision Watch
The folks over at Tokyoflash have come up with another one of their crazy watch concepts, and next up is the Night Vision concept. It actually looks pretty cool with the bright green lights. As usual, it’s not obvious how you tell the time at the beginning. The outer bars actually indicate the hours; while if you take a step back, you’ll notice that the minutes are clearly shown in the […]

Kawasaki Night Vision Helmet-Mounted Heads-Up Display
Kawasaki looks set to go one up on its most technologically-advanced bikes on the planet – the 1400 GTR which boast variable valve timing, keyless ignition and tyre pressure sensors as standard. This upcoming release will be the next-generation GTR that will boast infra-red night vision technology that provides riders with a view beyonf the conventional range a bike’s headlights offer, and can even be retro-fitted onto older bikes as […]