SA Photonics HRNVSSA Photonics has developed the HRNVS (High Resolution Night Vision System) – a wide field digital head mounted display designed for commercial and military pilots of fixed-wing airplanes and rotorcraft. Night vision has been an important aspect of the US military – allowing pilots to fly around in the dark in relative safety, and giving them the edge in night time battles. But according to surveys of US Air Force Pilots, one of the main problems with current night vision goggles is the limited field of view.

SA Photonics has taken these requests into consideration and worked those features into its HRNVS. Featuring a field of view that’s over 82.5 degrees, it’s more than double the field of view of most existing night vision systems – at high resolution. Other advantages of the HRNVS are reduced peripheral obscuration, reduced forward projection and swept volume, zero-halo and the capabilities for digital image enhancement, recording night vision imagery and overlaying symbology.

However, while these features all make the HRNVS an improvement over the competition, it doesn’t do too well in the looks department, making its wearer look like some sort of crazed inventor who happens to be behind the joystick of a fighter plane. Jokes aside, these military eyewear are touted to improve the safety and effectiveness of pilots sent out on night missions.

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