Don’t you think that the Predator’s bunch of gear in the movies is nothing short of kick ass, although without any of it, the Alien seems to have the upper hand with pure evolution backing it up. Well, for those who want to play Predator in the middle of the night, defense contractor ITT Exelis has come up with a new range of night vision goggles which will let you experience thermal imagery even when it is pitch black out there. Known as the Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggles (SENVG), it will comprise of the i-Aware line, delivering overlay thermal images on the usual green display in night-vision goggles.


They’re very sensitive – good enough to be able to detect recently moved soil on a dirt path, and is also perfect for picking up folks hiding behind bushes. I guess law enforcement agents who are tracking someone down at night, coupled with a train Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd, will be a force to be reckoned with.

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