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Nike Is Turning To Augmented Reality To Sell Sneakers
If you’re looking to buy a pair of sneakers, you’ve got options that include going online or going to a brick and mortar retail shop. However Nike is changing that up by announcing a new app called SNKRS, which is an augmented reality-based app that will help their customers get their hands on limited edition releases.

Buy Nike Shoes From Amazon Directly Soon
It’s not like you can’t already buy Nike shoes from Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, but there are countless third-party sellers who are hawking Nike shoes and chances of you being sold a knockoff exist. In a bid to regulate that and offer original products to customers, it has been reported that Amazon and Nike have signed a new deal which will enable the former to sell Nike shoes […]

Four New Nike Apple Watch Bands Launched
Soon after launching iPhone cases made from sneaker soles, Nike today announced the launch of four new Apple Watch bands. The new bands have been coupled with a new shoe launch from Nike. The new Nike Sport Band colors for the Apple Watch have been designed to match the company’s new Air VaporMax Flyknit “Day to Night” running shoe collection.

Nike Launches iPhone Cases Made From Sneaker Soles
Let’s face it, how often do you actually look at the soles of your shoes? Or do you even care what they look like? Sure, there are some instances where the soles are important, like running shoes, boots for hiking, golf, soccer, and so on, but for the most part you can’t be faulted if you didn’t know or care what they looked like.


Limited Edition Apple Watch NikeLab Launched
When Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 2, one of the companies that they officially collaborated with for the bands was Nike, in which there were several exclusive designs released for the watch. The bands themselves were nothing special save for their design which offered up a slightly more sporty look.

Nike’s Self-Lacing HyperAdapt Shoes Will Cost $720
In case you missed out on the opportunity to own the Nike Mag shoes, not to worry as Nike still has the HyperAdapt shoes that will be going on sale later this month. Now we’re sure that some of you guys are wondering how much would these shoes cost you, and if you were worried it might break the bank, we have some semi-good news for you.

This Nike MAG Unboxing Video Makes Us Want One
As you might have heard, Nike has limited pairs of its self-lacing shoes that are essentially replicas of the model that was worn in the Back to the Future movie. The raffle to win these shoes was held earlier this month, and a recent video has surfaced in which one of the winners unboxed the shoes and put them on.

Apple Watch Nike+ To Launch In 41 Countries On October 28
Earlier this month it was revealed that the Apple Watch Nike+ will be launching on the 28th of October, and it looks like the date and additional details about the launch have since been confirmed by Apple themselves. According to the announcement, we can look forward to the device launching in 41 countries at the start.

Apple Watch Nike+ Will Be Launched October 28
When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 2, the company also unveiled an interesting collaboration with Nike that culminated in the Apple Watch Nike+. This is essentially at its core the same Apple Watch Series 2 device, except that it will feature a more sporty look and will come with certain exclusive features.

Nike Is Holding A Raffle For The Nike Mag ‘Back To The Future’ Shoes
So it has been confirmed that Nike will be selling their self-lacing shoes come 28th of November. However these aren’t exactly the same shoes that we saw in Back to the Future, or the prototype that we saw Michael J. Fox show off. However if you’d like to get your hands on them, on that particular model, here’s your chance.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes Will Be Available For Purchase November 28
Ever since Nike’s self-lacing shoes made their debut in the Back to the Future movie franchise, many have wondered if the technology would ever be possible. The company actually showed off a working prototype last year, and earlier this year they announced the finished version that would actually be going on sale.

Nike+ Rebranded, Gets New Features
Nike has come out with a completely redesigned and revamped Nike+ application. It has even changed the name of this app. The new application comes with several features, enhancements as well as overall visual and stability improvements. It puts the spotlight on being able to track runs from Apple Watch which is interesting given that Apple is expected to launch a new Apple Watch in the near future.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Will Finally Be Going On Sale This Year
Last year Nike decided to make the future real when they debuted their pair of self-lacing sneakers, a nod to the movie franchise Back to the Future. The company then promised that they would begin selling these sneakers in 2016 and the good news is that it looks like Nike will be keeping to their word.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes Debut On Jimmy Kimmel Live
Yesterday Nike announced that their self-lacing shoes, made popular by the Back to the Future II movie, would be made a reality and that the star of the movie, Michael J. Fox, would be the first to wear it. As we had speculated, it looks like the shoes and Fox have made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, showing off how the shoes work in the process.Basically from what we […]