Nike Unveils Basketball Court With Embedded LEDs

When it comes to basketball, there’s more to the game than just being able to dribble and shoot accurately. It also involves players being able to move around the court accurately, block other players, be in position to receive passes, and so on. Now thanks to a new project led by Nike, they have created a basketball court embedded with LEDs that has the ability to interact with players as […]

Nike FuelBand App For Android Finally Released

A couple of months back there was a lot of speculation about the future of Nike’s FuelBand division. It was rumored at one point that the company had laid off all the hardware and engineering talent and that it may not launch a successor for the FuelBand. Nike did confirm at that time that several employees had been laid off from the division but didn’t say that it was ending the FuelBand […]

Nike To Launch New Soccer App Next Month

The world is now witnessing soccer, or football as its known as in many places around the globe, craze at its highest. 2014 FIFA World Cup is well underway in Brazil with group matches providing a lot of entertaining and shocking results. Nike is just one of the sporting goods manufacturer that has a huge presence during the event and its leaning on the world cup to time the launch of its […]

Nike FuelBand SE Goes Gold For The 2014 World Cup

Back in 2013, Nike announced their fitness band, the FuelBand SE. They later followed this up with a Silver edition that was part of their METALUXE series. Well in case silver wasn’t good enough for you, Nike has since announced that they will be releasing a Gold finish version of the FuelBand SE METALUXE collection. As you can see in the image above, it will feature a gold clasp. There […]


Nike FuelBand Isn’t Going Away, For Now

On Friday an online report claimed that due to significant layoffs at Nike’s digital sports division, the hardware side of FuelBand was going to be shut down. Nike is a prominent company involved in the wearable market so its exit would certainly have attracted headlines. However it appears that the FuelBand isn’t going anywhere, at least for now. The company has confirmed that despite layoffs it is not going to […]

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes Will Arrive In 2015

For those who watched Back To The Future II, you might remember the iconic Nike sneakers which had the uncanny ability to lace itself up. Now if you recall, Nike did unveil the actual shoes back in 2011 minus the self-lacing action, and the good news is that if you were looking forward to self-lacing shoes, perhaps 2015 might be the year to look forward to. Making an appearance at […]

Nike FuelBand SE Silver Edition Launched

It looks as though the Nike FuelBand SE family has just gotten bigger with the addition of its latest member, that is, the Nike FuelBand SE Silver Edition. This particular version of the FuelBand SE range happens to be part of the Metaluxe Collection, where it will now be able to mingle with the likes of Black, Pink Foil, Total Crimson, Volt and Rose Gold colors. After all, the Nike […]

Nike Smartwatch Rumored For 2014 Launch

In terms of wearable electronics, Nike has some experience in that area. After all the company has released not just one, but two wearable electronic devices in the form of the FuelBand and the FuelBand SE, but it seems that merely providing wearers with fitness statistics isn’t enough as rumors are suggesting that Nike might have a smartwatch in the works as well. This is according to the folks at […]

Nike FuelBand SE Now On Sale A Day Earlier Than Expected

Remember earlier in October when Nike announced the FuelBand SE? Well for those who don’t remember, the FuelBand SE is sort of like a successor to the original FuelBand. The design has been kept mostly the same, but has gotten slight upgrades in terms of water resistance, better accuracy, hourly tracking, Bluetooth 4.0 LE connectivity, and will arrive in a host of new colors, but apart from that it essentially […]

Nike+ Move App For iPhone 5s Launched, Turns Your iPhone 5s Into A FuelBand

One of the features of the iPhone 5s would be its M7 co-processor, which helps take some load off the A7 chip in a bid to help make things more efficient as well as conserve some battery. One of the apps announced at the iPhone 5s’ launch that would take advantage of the M7 co-processor was the Nike+ Move app and the good news for those iPhone 5s users out […]

Nike Explains Lack Of Bluetooth LE Is The Reason Why There Is No Android FuelBand App

The Nike FuelBand SE is a pretty sleek looking device and with Nike’s background in fitness and with their strong branding, it certainly looks like it has what it takes to be a great product. The downside, however, is the fact that the FuelBand SE does not support Android, which was explicitly stated by Nike. What this means is that as far as accessories are concerned, the Nike FuelBand SE […]

Original Nike FuelBand To Receive Some FuelBand SE Features In Firmware Update

Earlier in the month, Nike announced the FuelBand SE which was essentially an upgrade over the original Nike FuelBand fitness device. The overall design was kept the same, but Nike made some changes to it, such as the use of Bluetooth 4.0 that allows the device to perform more functions while using less power, adding a bit of water resistance, and new color options just to name a few of […]

Nike+ FuelBand SE Arrives With $149 Price Tag

It was more than a week ago when we mentioned that this October 15th might see the possible announcement of something that has to do with FuelBand, and I guess all of those rumors have proven to be correct. Here we are, with the calendar showing off October 15th as the current date, and Nike has already announced the Nike+ FuelBand SE, which would be the company’s most recent fitness-oriented […]

Nike Might Make A Fuelband Related Announcement On October 15th

Today Nike has rolled out invites for an event that is scheduled to take place on October 15th. Called, NikeFuel Forum, the event will take place in New York and the company is expected to make a Fuelband related announcement. The invite itself doesn’t reveal exactly what Nike intends on announcing at the event, but it does say that the company will be discussing the future of digital world experience and […]