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Nike Will Sell Self-Lacing Back To The Future Shoes In 2016
It is 2015 and unfortunately there are several things from Back to the Future that have yet to be made a reality, like actual hoverboards that work everywhere, and self-lacing Nike shoes. However if you might recall, in 2014 Nike’s shoe designer promised that we would see such shoes in 2015. Turns out he was partially right.Nike has confirmed that the shoes are now a reality, albeit in a very […]

Nike Develops Face Mask That Will Literally Make You Cool
You sweat because your body is too hot and sweating is one of the ways of your body cooling itself down. In fact you might notice how hot you feel after a vigorous exercise and how refreshing it is to jump into the shower right after that. Now it seems that Nike is working on a piece of tech that could potentially cool you down on the spot.Dubbed the Ice […]

Nike Teases Future Collaboration With Apple
Apple and Nike have a long partnership dating back to the Nike+ shoe sensor which could be slipped into specially designed Nike shoes to help log data on your run. In fact the Nike FuelBand wearable was also an exclusive for iOS devices, but now that Nike has exited the physical wearables market and with Apple launching the Apple Watch which doubles as a fitness tracker, what does the future […]

Nike FuelBand, Jawbone UP Removed From Apple Stores
The upcoming Apple Watch is more than a smartwatch, it is also a fitness band of sorts. Users will be able to use it to measure their heart rate, calculate calories, see how far they’ve run, and more. Given that it has multiple functions, why get a fitness band when you can get a smartwatch as well, right?That seems to be Apple’s train of thought because according to reports, Apple […]


Nike+ Running Updated With Google Fit Integration
A few months ago, Google announced Google Fit which is basically Google’s answer to Apple’s Health app. Well the good news for fitness enthusiasts is that it looks like Nike+ Running has finally been integrated into Google Fit with the latest update. Prior to this, competing apps such as Runtastic and RunKeeper have been updated with similar integration as well.If you have yet to update the app, just head on […]

Nike Hints At Possible Wearable Collaboration With Apple
Nike and Apple have a pretty good working relationship. After all the company’s FuelBands were pretty much an iOS exclusive, and let’s not forget the Nike+ technology that allowed users to embed a chip into the sole of shoes and collect information and transmit them to an iOS device for review after.Well it looks like both companies could be working on something new again. This is according to Nike’s CEO […]

PS4-themed Nike Air Jordan Sneakers Are A Thing
Gamers come from all walks of life, whether they’re high-ranking corporate executives, to artists, to college students, to fashionistas, and so on. However what do you do when you’re both a sneaker design and a fan of the Sony PlayStation 4 console? What do you do then? Well, you design a pair of custom PlayStation 4-themed shoes, of course!That is what Jonny Barry of FreakerSNEAKS did when he created the […]

Samsung And Nike Launch Nike+ Running App
The folks over at Samsung has joined forces with sporting giant Nike, and the two have worked to roll out the Nike+ Running App that ought to keep fitness buffs interested. The Nike+ Running App will play nice with the recently announced Samsung Gear S, where this app will make use of the new Samsung Gear S’ integrated Bluetooth and 3G connectivity features in order to deliver Nike’s best in […]

Nike Unveils Basketball Court With Embedded LEDs
When it comes to basketball, there’s more to the game than just being able to dribble and shoot accurately. It also involves players being able to move around the court accurately, block other players, be in position to receive passes, and so on. Now thanks to a new project led by Nike, they have created a basketball court embedded with LEDs that has the ability to interact with players as […]

Nike FuelBand App For Android Finally Released
A couple of months back there was a lot of speculation about the future of Nike’s FuelBand division. It was rumored at one point that the company had laid off all the hardware and engineering talent and that it may not launch a successor for the FuelBand. Nike did confirm at that time that several employees had been laid off from the division but didn’t say that it was ending the FuelBand […]

Nike To Launch New Soccer App Next Month
The world is now witnessing soccer, or football as its known as in many places around the globe, craze at its highest. 2014 FIFA World Cup is well underway in Brazil with group matches providing a lot of entertaining and shocking results. Nike is just one of the sporting goods manufacturer that has a huge presence during the event and its leaning on the world cup to time the launch of its […]

Nike FuelBand SE Goes Gold For The 2014 World Cup
Back in 2013, Nike announced their fitness band, the FuelBand SE. They later followed this up with a Silver edition that was part of their METALUXE series. Well in case silver wasn’t good enough for you, Nike has since announced that they will be releasing a Gold finish version of the FuelBand SE METALUXE collection.As you can see in the image above, it will feature a gold clasp. There is […]

Nike FuelBand Isn't Going Away, For Now
On Friday an online report claimed that due to significant layoffs at Nike’s digital sports division, the hardware side of FuelBand was going to be shut down. Nike is a prominent company involved in the wearable market so its exit would certainly have attracted headlines. However it appears that the FuelBand isn’t going anywhere, at least for now. The company has confirmed that despite layoffs it is not going to […]

Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes Will Arrive In 2015
For those who watched Back To The Future II, you might remember the iconic Nike sneakers which had the uncanny ability to lace itself up. Now if you recall, Nike did unveil the actual shoes back in 2011 minus the self-lacing action, and the good news is that if you were looking forward to self-lacing shoes, perhaps 2015 might be the year to look forward to. Making an appearance at […]