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Nikon Coolpix P610 And L840 Zoom Cameras Unveiled
Lugging around a DSLR camera and a zoom lens can be tedious as zoom lenses tend to be big and bulky, not to mention the better ones tend to be pretty darn pricey too. However if you’d love to have a zoom lens but not have to deal with the hassle, Nikon has recently announced two new cameras – the Nikon Coolpix P610 and Coolpix L840 – that might be […]

Nikon's Coolpix S3700 And L32 Are Compact Cameras On The Cheap
As much as we would all love to own expensive cameras that can take images in stunning quality and give us controls to all aspects of the cameras, that is obviously not possible, but if you’d rather have a compact camera to take photos rather than rely on your smartphone, then you might be interested in two new cameras Nikon has recently announced.The company has recently taken the wraps off […]

Nikon Gets Tough With The Coolpix AW130 And S33
While some of us prefer our cameras to be compact and sleek, there are some who might prioritize its ruggedness over its compactness. After all what use is a beautifully designed camera if it spoils once you drop it or when you accidentally get it wet, right? Now if you’re in the market for such a camera, Nikon has two new models that you might be interested in.The company has […]

Nikon D750 Filmmaker's Kit Announced For $4,000
Back in the day if you wanted to record video, you’d have to turn to a dedicated video camera. This meant that if you wanted both photos and videos, you’d need to bring two devices with you which can be rather bulky and troublesome. However DSLRs these days are more than capable of capturing excellent video, but if you wanted to take your photography to the next level, Nikon has […]


Nikon D810A DSLR Camera For Astrophotography Announced
While most photographers are content with photographing the wonders of the earth and nature, there are some who look beyond what the earth has to offer, like into space for example. However there is more to snapping images of space than just having a really, really long zoom lens as it basically requires the photographer to own a camera dedicated to astrophotography.The good news is that if astrophotography is a […]

Nikon Issues Instructions On How To Address D750 Flare Problems
Back in December 2014, Nikon D750 owners were reporting issues with their camera. The issue at hand seemed to be some kind of reflection/flare that appeared in their photographs which in some cases might ruin the shot. Thankfully the issue does not appear to be widespread and that the problem itself is actually rather hard to replicate.However to be safe, Nikon has issued a set of instructions to D750 owners […]

Nikon D5500 First Nikon DSLR To Come With Touchscreen LCD
[CES 2015] We did make a passing mention on the Nikon D5500 DSLR earlier today, but here are the nitty gritty of it. Basically, the Nikon D5500 holds the distinction of being the very first DSLR from the company that will feature a touch-enabled LCD display, allowing the company to finally catch up with the likes of Canon. I must say that this is a long overdue upgrade, so to […]

Nikon: What’s New For The Year 2015
[CES 2015] Nikon does not want to be left out from all of the hot and heavy action that is going on at CES this year, and they intend to treat the crowd to unique experiences that will include The Nikon 360° Project and the Nu Reality Desert Home, where all of those will be powered by the latest Nikon camera equipment and gear – but of course, we would […]

Nikon Looking Into D750 Reflection/Flare Issues
The Nikon D750 is a relatively new camera as it was launched back in September, however it seems that there are some issues plaguing the device like a reflection/flare that seems to have affected several units. Nikon has since issued a statement about the problem and have stated that they are looking into the matter.According to Nikon, “We have received indications from some users that when photographing scenes in which […]

Nikon Download Center Announced
Nikon Corporation has just announced its spanking new Download Center that was launched today. The name of this unique website would do a very decent job of explaining itself – the Download Center is basically a global download site which offers software as well as manuals for its existing range of digital cameras and other selected products from Nikon. In other words, you no longer need to scour the Internet […]

Nikon's Full Frame Mirrorless Lens Patent Hints At Possible New Camera
While Nikon has full frame DSLR cameras, what they are missing are full frame mirrorless cameras. This is an area in which Sony has excelled in, at least based on reviews of Sony’s full frame mirrorless cameras, so we can’t say that it is a stretch of the imagination to think that Nikon might want to start fighting back.That being said, the folks at Nikon Rumors have recently come across […]

Nikon Open To Idea Of Mirrorless Cameras With Larger Sensors
Mirrorless cameras are sort of a happy middle between a compact camera and a DSLR. They tend to be relatively compact while at the same time offering up DSLR quality images, at least for the most part. In fact Sony has made great strides by releasing full-frame mirrorless cameras in their A7-series.That being said, there are some who aren’t fully convinced that mirrorless cameras could be the future, claiming that […]

Nikon Coolpix S6900 Jumps Aboard The Selfie Bandwagon In A Bigger Manner
So, there was the release of the Nikon D750 earlier today, and accompanying that is the Nikon Coolpix S6900 which allows you to shoot in a more expressive manner where selfies are concerned. After all, the Coolpix S6900 lets you capture memories from a wide range of angles, and it does open up new doors to help you explore your creativity. The Coolpix S6900 makes all of that possible thanks […]

Nikon D750 Is Official
Eventually, all rumors would arrive at either one of two places – being realized as true, or being revealed as a fake. It is a good thing then, with all of the publicity surrounding the Nikon D750 in recent leaks, here we are with the official unveiling of the full frame Nikon D750. This DSLR is said to be quite a performer, carrying a price tag of $2,299 for its […]