nikonj2mainEarlier this year, Polaroid unveiled a mirrorless camera of its own in the form of the Polaroid iM1836 which was then released back in October. However it seems that Nikon did not take too kindly to the camera, and while it is understandable given that both companies are competing in the camera market, we can see why Nikon would be a bit peeved, especially since the Polaroid iM1836 resembled the Nikon 1 lineup of mirrorless cameras in terms of design, which led to Nikon suing Sakar, the company behind the Polaroid iM1836, over patent infringement.

Now according to the court’s ruling, they have ruled in Nikon’s favor and have since issued a consent injunction, with both parties agreeing that, “Sakar will no longer manufacture, import, advertise, promote, offer for sale, sell, or ship the Polaroid iM1836 digital camera in its present configuration.” This comes after Nikon had reportedly tried to reach an amicable settlement with Sakar, but failed to do so. So if you were after the Polaroid iM1836, we guess you can still try some retailers who might still have it in stock, otherwise you’d be flat out of luck. What do you guys think? Is this injunction a rightly deserved one? Or do you think that Sakar has nothing to be guilty about?

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