Back in 2013, Nikon announced a new DSLR camera in the form of the Nikon D610. The camera was not exactly a huge upgrade over the Nikon D600 which was announced back in 2012, but one of the main things that it did was to solve the issue of dust particles landing on the sensor of the camera which we can only imagine is quite annoying when trying to take a photo, or having photos ruined because of a speck of dust. Now it does seem a little bit unfair that Nikon D600 owners still have to stick to their cameras, unless of course they’re willing to spend more money and get the D610, but it looks like Nikon could be replacing some D600 units with D610 for either free or for a small fee.

This is according to the folks at Nikon Rumors who have been receiving reports from Europe and the US where Nikon has been replacing their D600 cameras with D610 units when they send them in for repair or cleaning, and in some instances, customers were charged a small fee if they wanted to upgrade from the D600 to the D610. We’re not sure how Nikon determines if a customer is eligible for an upgrade to the D610. It could depend on how many times you have come in for a sensor cleaning, or it could be dependent on how new your D600 unit was. In any case this seems like a departure from Nikon’s standard operating procedure in which they basically replace the shutter mechanism for D600 units.

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