Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 NoDo update blocked by Microsoft

Microsoft’s mobile operating system – Windows Phone 7 has been hit with another bout of bad luck. This time the problem affects Samsung WP7 devices again, but it’s not the Focus that has been experiencing trouble – it’s the Omnia 7 instead. Apparently the recently released NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 doesn’t work too well with the Omnia 7 – there is a technical issue with the update package […]

HTC Surround set to receive NoDo update

There is quite the handful of Windows Phone 7-powered devices that have already received their first major update to NoDo, but do bear in mind that a bunch of smartphone owners out there have yet to see the light of day for the NoDo update on their respective handsets. AT&T seemed to have forgotten about the HTC Surround when it comes to this update, but word on the grapevine has […]

Samsung Taylor won’t get Windows Phone 7 NoDo update

Bad news for folks rocking the prototype Windows Phone 7 developer phone better known as the Samsung Taylor – according to reports online, Microsoft has announced that it has no intention to bring NoDo or any future updates for their WP7 operating system to those devices. The prototypes were given out for free last year to many developers to get a feel for the device and to start writing apps […]

Unmentioned Windows Phone 7 NoDo features listed online

Change logs have the tendency to miss out the inclusion of certain features, Windows Phone 7’s NoDo update is no exception. We all know that it brings copy/paste, improved multitasking and Marketplace search improvements, but there are a number of features that aren’t officially made known and discovered by users of the phones themselves. According to the folks over at WMPowerUser, here are the features that NoDo brings to the […]


Windows Phone 7 NoDo update arriving for AT&T phones on April 19

A few more days is all you need to wait if you’re looking forward to receiving the official NoDo updates on your Windows Phone 7 devices on AT&T. According to a leaked internal email from AT&T, the update will be arriving on Tuesday next week. Looks like Microsoft really meant it when they wrote in their blog about the AT&T updates arriving soon.  Here’s what the leaked email said:

Unofficial Windows Phone 7 updater removed

Remember the Windows Phone 7 updater by Team ChevronWP7 that allowed you to update your WP7 phone regardless of what model it may be and the warning Microsoft issued about it possibly putting your phones into an unserviceable state? There were disputes over the whole issue, with some folks saying that they’ve received notifications to official updates even after updating their phone unofficially. Well it looks like it does’nt matter […]

Microsoft warns that ChevronWP7 updater will prevent future official updates

While it wasn’t unexpected, it looks like using the unofficial Windows Phone 7 updater we talked about previously will have some unwanted consequences. Microsoft has made it known that folks who use the ChevronWP7 updater will not be able to receive official updates in the future. Apparently the program puts the phone into a state where it can’t receive regular updates in the future. It is uncertain if this is […]

Windows Phone 7 NoDo update rolling out now

The long-awaited NoDo update for Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft is finally here. WinRumors has reported that the update has started rolling out as of today. The update brings copy and paste functionality to the phone, faster resume times for apps when resuming from sleep, an improved Marketplace Search, improvements to WiFi, Outlook, Messaging, Facebook, Camera, and Audio as well. Users can wait for the notification messages from their carriers […]