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A few more days is all you need to wait if you’re looking forward to receiving the official NoDo updates on your Windows Phone 7 devices on AT&T. According to a leaked internal email from AT&T, the update will be arriving on Tuesday next week. Looks like Microsoft really meant it when they wrote in their blog about the AT&T updates arriving soon.  Here’s what the leaked email said:

“Effective April 19, 2011, new Microsoft maintenance release updates will be available to AT&T customers with existing LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 devices.” Although, “approved updates” will be available in “mid-May” for the HTC Surround.

Customers should be receiving two updates, if they have yet to receive the February update. The first update has been described by Microsoft as a way to get devices ready for following updates; NoDo should proceed thereafter.

NoDo brings the much-awaited copy and paste functionality that many consumers demanded since WP7’s debut last year and was later promised to be added to the operating system in early 2011. But the email states that the updates will include “additional functionality that is unique to AT&T.”

Keep your eyes peeled for update notifications if you use a WP7 device on AT&T.

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