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HTC Rumored To Be Working On A Mapping/Navigation App To Compete With Nokia
Initially one of the main reasons you would get a Nokia Lumia device is because of certain exclusive apps available only for the Finnish handset manufacturer. This included apps such as Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive just to name a few. While they might now be available for other Windows Phone devices, it looks like HTC might have decided to create something similar of their own. Thanks to a report […]

Nokia Drive+ Beta Now Available For All Windows Phone 8 Users
Are you frustrated at the fact that Noka Drive+, Nokia’s useful turn-by-turn navigation app, is still in beta and is only exclusive to the Lumia? Well, Microsoft and Nokia wants the rest of the Windows Phone 8 population to enjoy it. Beginning today, the beta version of Nokia Drive+ is now available for free to all Windows Phone 8 customers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada. Note that the app […]

Nokia Drive+ Beta For Windows Phone 8 Updated
Well, well, what do we have here? It seems that the Nokia Drive+ Beta app for Windows Phone 8 has just been given a bump to version 2.1, and as with any self-respecting software update would do, this particular version will be accompanied by its fair share of bug fixes, in addition to helping you enhance your overall battery life thanks to a more intelligent method of managing power consumption.For […]

Nokia Drive planned for other platforms
Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia has plans to introduce Nokia Drive not only for Nokia devices, but also for other platforms. The thing is, very little is known about this particular effort from Nokia, and during the recent launch of Windows Phone 8, there was no mention of Nokia Drive either, leaving those who are interested up in arms as to whether Nokia was serious about delivering Nokia Drive to different […]


More on Nokia Drive on Windows Phone 8 smartphones
Yes, we did touch a little bit on Nokia Drive integration in Windows Phone 8 just earlier this morning, but here we are with more details from the folks over at Nokia. Nokia just announced that they will be making Nokia Drive available to other Windows Phone 8 partners, where users will be able to enjoy a turn-by-turn navigation experience across 110 countries – and in offline mode, too! This […]

Nokia Maps, Drive and Transport updated for Lumia
Lumia owners, rejoice – Nokia has announced a bunch of new updates for its Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive apps. The Windows Phone apps that help you get around wherever you are have got some new features to make life easier. First up Nokia Drive now has alerts to let you know if you’re driving too fast – to help prevent you from picking up that umpteenth speeding […]

Nokia Drive app update in the works for offline support
One of the exclusive features that Nokia Window Phone devices have over other competing Windows Phone devices is its Nokia Drive app. The app is Nokia’s 3D satellite navigation system that allows for the user to download maps and store it for future use. However despite the ability to download maps, it would imply that it could be used for offline purposes, right? Wrong. It seems that while maps can […]

Nokia Drive XAP leaked for unlocked non-Nokia devices
If there was ever a good reason to get a Nokia Windows Phone, as opposed to HTC or Samsung, it would be because Nokia Windows Phone devices will come with Nokia Drive preinstalled. This was supposed to be an exclusive feature for Nokia’s handsets to help set them apart from the competition and encourage adoption, but alas that does not seem to be the case as the Nokia Drive XAP […]

Nokia Maps will be arriving on other Windows Phones
At the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia mentioned that the phone will be preloaded with some apps exclusive to Nokia phones, and well now it looks like at least one of those apps will be making its way to Windows Phone devices from other manufacturers. According to reports online, Nokia Maps will be available to all Windows Phone devices in the coming weeks. In case you were wondering, […]