Well, well, what do we have here? It seems that the Nokia Drive+ Beta app for Windows Phone 8 has just been given a bump to version 2.1, and as with any self-respecting software update would do, this particular version will be accompanied by its fair share of bug fixes, in addition to helping you enhance your overall battery life thanks to a more intelligent method of managing power consumption.


For instance, if you were to head to the settings menu, you will now be able to check out the Battery Saver option. Apparently, enabling this will help you extend your smartphone’s battery life, as the app will then run in the background, while you continue to tune in to navigation instructions as you are being guided along a route. In other times, the GPS will be turned off, hence lengthening the life of your battery in the long run. For Windows Phone 8 owners, have you given this particular update a go already, and if you have done so, just how do you find it so far? Does it get the nod of approval?

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