Initially one of the main reasons you would get a Nokia Lumia device is because of certain exclusive apps available only for the Finnish handset manufacturer. This included apps such as Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive just to name a few. While they might now be available for other Windows Phone devices, it looks like HTC might have decided to create something similar of their own. Thanks to a report by Windows Phone Italy, word on the street has it that HTC could be looking to compete with Nokia in terms of a mapping/navigation app.

Considering that the Taiwanese company did release a similar app last year (which is no longer available for Windows Phone 8) called HTC Locations (pictured above), we are not sure if HTC is either building an entirely new app from ground up, or if they will be making major upgrades and changes to the existing app. Hopefully if HTC does release such an app, they will not be charging their users for additional features, such as offline voice prompts. After all if Nokia can do it for free, why can’t HTC, right? There’s also no word if HTC plans to make this app an exclusive to Windows Phone devices, or they will make it available across the board. Either way take this with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think of a HTC navigation/mapping app?

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