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HTC Rumored To Be Working On A Mapping/Navigation App To Compete With Nokia
Initially one of the main reasons you would get a Nokia Lumia device is because of certain exclusive apps available only for the Finnish handset manufacturer. This included apps such as Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive just to name a few. While they might now be available for other Windows Phone devices, it looks like HTC might have decided to create something similar of their own. Thanks to a report […]

Nokia HERE Maps for iPhone
iPhone users may find some relief with the recent announcement of the free Nokia HERE Maps for iPhone. This version of Nokia HERE Maps is based on HTML5, which may raise a red flag for those who prefer native applications for performance reasons, but Nokia’s live demonstration looked pretty good – better than using Google Maps in web mode, which we tried during a recent overseas trip.This version of Nokia […]

Nokia Maps gets Groupon deals
Nokia Maps just got updated and now comes with Groupon Now! geo-located deals. Nokia says that it spent the past few months working with Groupon on this integration to feature deals that can be bought and use on the same day (if not “right away”) – which makes perfect sense if you’re on a trip in another city.Obviously, even if you’re in your home town, the instant gratification may persuade […]

Nokia Maps updated, is more personal now
With the advent of built-in GPS in most smartphones these days, mapping apps have certainly surged forward in terms of popularity. I am quite sure that Google Maps is a hugely popular app considering how it is free and is fairly comprehensive in developed countries. Nokia does not want to be left behind, and have recently updated their Nokia Maps app, where one can download it for free on the […]


Nokia Maps, Drive and Transport updated for Lumia
Lumia owners, rejoice – Nokia has announced a bunch of new updates for its Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive apps. The Windows Phone apps that help you get around wherever you are have got some new features to make life easier. First up Nokia Drive now has alerts to let you know if you’re driving too fast – to help prevent you from picking up that umpteenth speeding […]

Nokia Maps now available on iOS and Android
Nokia Maps, a free map navigation service used to be available only for Nokia devices. Well, starting today, you’ll be able to access it from your iPhone or Android device. While it won’t be available as a native map ala Google Maps, all you need to do is point your browser towards the Nokia Maps website and you’re good to go. What’s great is that Nokia Maps gives you audio […]

Nokia Maps update bumps version to 3.08
Folks have been saying that there is a new update for Nokia Maps for over a week now, although there were also fair share of complaints that this new update actually caused havoc with their Maps app. I guess the latest update which bumps up your Nokia Maps to version 3.08 is a fully working version now, so you need not worry about getting lost in unfamiliar territory as you […]

Nokia Maps make their way to Series 40
Nokia has announced that their navigation software known as Nokia Maps will be made available to those who own handsets that run on the Series 40 operating system, where among them will include the recently introduced Nokia Asha 303 at Nokia World 2011. Basically, new phones that are powered by the Symbian Series 40 operating system are touted to be pre-loaded with the Nokia Maps navigation software, so you need […]

Nokia Maps will be arriving on other Windows Phones
At the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia mentioned that the phone will be preloaded with some apps exclusive to Nokia phones, and well now it looks like at least one of those apps will be making its way to Windows Phone devices from other manufacturers. According to reports online, Nokia Maps will be available to all Windows Phone devices in the coming weeks. In case you were wondering, […]

Nokia Maps 3D: now plugin-free
Great news for fans of Nokia Maps – Nokia has just announced a bunch of new updates for its online mapping service, Nokia Maps 3D. It is now completely rendered in 3D and the best part is – you won’t need any plugins to make use of it. At the moment it’s only available for Chrome users but Nokia is in the process of testing it for other web browsers.

Nokia Maps for iOS and Android does the offline jig
Could this bit of news be a redeeming feature for the ailing handset manufacturer from Finland? You decide – we are talking about Nokia Maps which traditionally was available only on Nokia devices, but has since expanded to see action on iOS and Android platforms. Well, that makes perfect sense since both iOS and Android-powered devices have long since surpassed Nokia’s market share where smartphones are concerned. With the latest […]

Web version of Nokia Maps works on Android handsets and iPhones
Now here is something interesting for you to check out – the Web version of Nokia maps (which is currently in beta) can actually function on non-Nokia devices, now how about that? We’re talking about compatibility with Android-powered and iOS-powered devices, including the iPhone 4.To get the Web version of Nokia Maps up and running on non-Nokia devices, just point the device’s browser to, where you will then be […]

Nokia Maps now available on new S40 phones
There is a slew of new S40-powered handsets from Nokia released today, and Nokia Maps will be available on that platform for free – this will enable a larger number of people who will make use of the service without having to go through the wallet pains of paying for heavy data charges. This new service will be an extremely large boost to S40-powered handsets, as it will blur the […]

Nokia Opens Ovi Maps API
[where 2.0] Nokia is entering the Maps mashup territory currently dominated by Google by releasing its Ovi Maps API. It’s a move that makes sense when you think that Nokia spent $8B in the Navteq acquisition, it is time to capitalize on it and even if Navteq remains an independant business, there’s much room to expand the reach of these maps.The Ovi Maps API is a first step. Nokia plans […]