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NOOK Color Gets CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies
When Barnes & Noble first announced the NOOK Color, that was all the way back in October of 2010, which frankly, is a pretty long way back to the past via the time machine – at least in terms of technology, 3 years is a pretty long time ago. The NOOK Color held the distinction of being the first popular 7” Android-powered tablet that was specially priced to move without […]

Barnes & Noble reduces NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color pricing
Most folks would say that the iPad mini has been priced out of range from its target competitors – namely the Google Nexus 7 which was manufactured by Asus and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Well, the thing about tablets in the 7” segment is this – they’re priced to move, and Barnes & Noble wants to be in on the game as well with a recent announcement of a […]

NOOK Color v.1.4.1 update released
Good news for NOOK Color owners – today, Barnes & Noble has announced a massive update for the Android tablet. The update brings the tablet up to version 1.4.1, and introduces over 100 feature enhancements such as access to top video and music services, more popular apps, NOOK Comics, an enhanced shop experience, a redesigned NOOK Store, and improvements to the book reading experience (read in portrait/landscape with more font […]

Is the New Nook Tablet Worth $50 More Than Kindle Fire?
Taking a page from Apple’s “if ain’t broke don’t fix” iPhone 4S product design school, Barnes & Noble this morning introduced its new Nook Tablet, which is nearly identical to the original Nook Color, and priced at the same $249.When can get the new Nook Tablet? While you can pre-order it now, B&N representatives would only say the Tablet will be available “on or about November 17,” just two days […]


Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet officially announced
After being leaked in a bunch of slides last week, the new Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet has finally been given its official unveiling. It looks like the most of the details were on the dot, as the official specs match up with what we learnt last week. The NOOK Tablet will feature: a 7″ VividView display, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a microSD card […]

NOOK Tablet specs leak ahead of launch
Well we all know that the upcoming NOOK tablet from Barnes & Noble has been given a November 7th announcement date, but it looks like somebody has decided to ruin the surprise by leaking its details ahead of time. Somebody managed to get their hands on a bunch of slides containing details about the new tablet from B&N and has posted them online for the world to see.

Barnes & Noble has another Nook Color in the pipeline?
Rumor has it that Barnes & Noble are working to roll out yet another tablet device for an already crowded market, marketing it under their established Nook brand. It seems that this new tablet will be a more expensive version of the Nook Color, where it will be released sometime before the year is over. Some say that this tablet will retail for $349 and will be known as the […]

Angry Birds Magic Places on NOOK Color
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and if Jack were to read the whole day long, he might be knowledgeable but dull as well. What can be done about the situation? Why, forget about those paper tomes that Jack sticks his nose into – why not settle for the NOOK Color from Barnes & Noble? After all, it not only offers a wide library of digital […]

Boingo Wi-Fi App for Barnes & Noble NOOK Color
Boingo has just announced their latest Wi-Fi App for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color, where it will be a free NOOK App that can be downloaded through the Barnes & Noble NOOK Bookstore. This comes about after an agreement with Barnes & Noble, being part of Boingo’s first eReader partnership. Just what is the Boingo Wi-Fi app capable of doing? For starters, it will enable access to over 325,000 […]

NOOKcolor hacked with Android 3.0 Honeycomb
Developer/hacker “@deeper-blue” recently posted a video on how he managed to port over the Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system which has been specially optimized for tablet use over to the NOOKcolor. So far, the port isn’t working all that great, although it can boot the OS while controlling the device, albeit with limited functionality. Currently, Deeper-Blue is working on putting the rest of the pieces together, such as graphics acceleration […]

Nook: ‘Biggest bestseller ever’ for B&N
Barnes & Noble has announced that the Nook has officially become their “Biggest Bestseller” – ever (B&N is a 40-year old company). B&N has announced that the Nook Color has been selling very well and is the number one selling gift of the holiday season. And of course, the sales of NOOKbooks have been tracking the hardware sales: one million have been sold on Christmas day alone – that’s what […]

Barnes & Noble ready to upgrade Nook Color e-book readers to Android 2.2 Froyo
Barnes & Noble has taken the proactive step to upgrade their very own Nook Color e-book readers to Android 2.2 Froyo from January 2011 onwards – which isn’t too far away actually, as we are less than a fortnight away from the new year. This move will see the Nook Color as part of the tablet market, and it could very well be Barnes & Noble’s intention of doing so. […]

Rooted Nook Color gets Android Market access
Now here’s something interesting for those of you who love to dabble with arcane knowledge of rooting – that is, opening up super user access to a device without the manufacturer’s permission. Nook Color owners who have rooted their e-book reader will now be able to access the Android Market, which translates to being able to enjoy plenty of free software from there, eh? The procedure itself is fraught with […]

Barnes & Noble manufactures 18,000 Nook Colors each day
For those who are wondering how well the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble will perform in sales charts this upcoming holiday season, you might be surprised to find out that the company is forcing their elves to work overtime, churning out around 18,000 Nook Colors each day. Basically, that translates to loading up a Boeing 747 every four to five days in order to bring devices to the US […]