All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and if Jack were to read the whole day long, he might be knowledgeable but dull as well. What can be done about the situation? Why, forget about those paper tomes that Jack sticks his nose into – why not settle for the NOOK Color from Barnes & Noble? After all, it not only offers a wide library of digital books to choose from, users are also able to enjoy some entertainment as part of their reading break. To entice even more people to the NOOK Color camp, you might be interested to know that Angry Birds’ Mighty Eagle has already landed in the form of the first official Angry Birds Magic Places.

Magic Places on the NOOK Color will allow customers to add a new fun, physical element to their Angry Birds gameplay in-store this summer. This allows you to add the Mighty Eagle character to your arsenal for free whenever you play the game in a Barnes & Noble bookstore, now how about that?

In-store NOOK Color devices with the Angry Birds NOOK App (which cost $2.99) will connect automatically to the fast and free Wi-Fi in order to unlock the Mighty Eagle character. Talk about bringing reading to a whole new level, you might just see more walk-in customers to Barnes & Noble bookstores from henceforth.

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