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Folks At The NSA Probably Saw Your Nudes
There’s always a risk involved when sending compromising photos to someone, you can’t really stop them from posting those pictures online, and then that’s a completely different kind of nightmare. But what about people who can see those pictures without you ever knowing? As we all know courtesy of Edward Snowden’s leaks the National Security Agency is running massive electronic spying programs which include capturing of data sent over email, apps […]

German Security Committee Considers Moving To Typewriters
Ever since last summer’s leaks about the U.S. National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs there has been much criticism about these actions, not only from the public who believe they are unfairly being monitored but from the country’s allies as well which found through the leaks that they were being snooped upon as well. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn’t pleased at all when it was reported that her phone had […]

Google Mocks NSA In Easter Egg
It was last October that the Washington Post mentioned about leaked slides from the NSA’s top secret MUSCULAR data interception program, sharing details on how the NSA was able to step in and intercept data from Google’s cloud servers through an exploitation in an SSL gap. That particular slide has proven to raise a fair amount of controversy, especially so where Google employees are concerned. The comment read, “SSL added […]

NSA Collecting Faces From Millions Of Web Images For Facial Recognition
Much has been said and written about the NSA’s electronic spying operations. Since the first leaks last year Edward Snowden, the man behind it all, has continued to leak highly classified documents shedding light on the top secret programs. The latest from Snowden reveals that millions of faces are being collected from web images by the agency which it intends to use for facial recognition. Some of the programs previously seen […]


Microsoft MVP Says NSA Can Monitor Secure Tor Browsing
If you have been following up on the Snowden leaks since last summer you might have probably lost all hope of online security by now. After the revelations were made it was claimed that the Tor network saw its usage increase by almost 50 percent. Tor lets users securely browse the internet. It scrambles data and beams it through countless relays to mask the identity of the original sender. While the network itself […]

NSA Secret Facility For Planting Backdoors Seen In Leaked Pictures
Many of the National Security Agency’s spying programs are now out in the open, courtesy of highly classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Recently Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who has worked with Snowden on these revelations, brought even more leaks to the forefront. Citing classified documents it was reported that the NSA intercepts networking equipment being exported out of the U.S. to plant backdoors. Photos of one such secret facility have […]

Edward Snowden's Story Might Be Immortalized By Hollywood
The entire debacle was certainly nothing short of a thriller. A former CIA technical analyst working for a military contractor walks out the door with highly classified documents on a thumb drive. He then flies to Hong Kong before handing over some of the documents to journalists who break the story about the most widespread electronic spying programs launched by the U.S. government. Glenn Greenwald, a journalist who has been in […]

NSA Reportedly Intercepts Network Equipment To Plant Backdoors
The Snowden affair will certainly have caused many headaches in Washington. A former CIA technical analyst drew the world’s attention to the National Security Agency’s clandestine electronic spy operations last summer by leaking a huge cache of highly classified documents. The leaks have continued to come in over time. Glenn Greenwald, a renowned journalist who was pivotal in breaking those stories and is believed to be in possession of even more […]

NSA Wants You!
The NSA has sent out a confusing message via their recruiting Twitter account earlier this week, where only the brilliant or those with an eye for a puzzle would be able to “get it”. Some folks who took a look at the account probably thought that (ironically) the account had been hacked, or someone updated the account by accident through a series of seemingly random touches on a virtual keyboard. […]

NSA Denies Knowledge Of Heartbleed Vulnerability
The NSA is an organization that has its fair share of detractors, where we did mention how the NSA was aware of the Heartbleed vulnerability for years at the end of last week. It seems as though the US National Security Agency (NSA) has stepped forward to deny any knowledge of the Heartbleed online security flaw since, touting that they do not know and were not aware of the flaw […]

NSA Apparently Knew About Heartbleed Vulnerability For Years [Report]
The Heartbleed bug has making a lot of waves recently and for those unfamiliar, it’s a vulnerability with the OpenSSL technology that could have potentially affected at least two-thirds of the internet, since many web services and online companies take advantage of the technology and implement it on their websites.Now this vulnerability has been around for years but it was only recently that it was discovered, or was it? According […]

U.S. 'Monitoring' Development Of European Communication Network Proposals
In February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she’s going to talk to the President of France, Francois Hollande, about building a separate communications network for Europe so as to stop data from passing through the U.S. The U.S. has criticized such proposals and has said that they may breach international trade laws. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said that obstructions to cross-border data flows are a serious and growing […]

China Demands 'Clear Explanation' From U.S. On NSA's Huawei Infiltration
Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE have come under fire a lot, particularly in the U.S., as there were concerns mounted by Washington that these companies might develop products that would let the Chinese government snoop. The allegations have always been denied. Both China and U.S. have discussed cyberattacks at length, but a recent leak by Edward Snowden might cause a build up in tension between the two behemoths. Snowden’s latest leaks […]

NSA Accused Of Spying On Huawei
In the past we have seen how to the US government has warned not to trust companies like Huawei or ZTE for allegedly designing spyphones for the Chinese government. Naturally both companies have denied these allegations and in the latest Snowden leak, it seems a little ironic because it has been revealed that the NSA has been spying on Huawei themselves.This is according to a recently released report on Sunday […]