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NSA Can Record ‘100%’ Of A Foreign Country’s Phone Calls
Let’s just put it this way, the National Security Agency, or NSA for short, has not exactly been the darling government organization to date. Unfortunately for us, the ‘Big Brother’ role that the NSA plays has raised the ire of many a citizen due to privacy issues.

Bill Gates Doesn't Consider Snowden A Hero
Last year a former CIA technical analyst became one of the most popular advocates of online privacy after he leaked a barrage of highly classified documents. Criminal charges await him on his return to the U.S., for leaking documents that exposed U.S. National Security Agency’s wide reaching electronic spying programs. Most people might consider him a hero, but Bill Gates isn’t one of them. The Microsoft co-founder believes that methods […]

Google Search Will Be Encrypted Globally By Default
Last year shocking revelations were made when top secret documents were leaked by Edward Snowden. The National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs came into the spotlight, this caused trouble for major internet companies, some of which were even named in those leaked documents. Since then most companies have publicly stated their opposition to state backed spying, Google is one of them. The company says those revelations underscored the need to […]

NSA Dressed Up As Facebook To Infect PCs With Malware
The National Security Agency, or NSA for short, has not been in the good books of many a person simply because of what they have done in the past, as well as alluded to have done. This latest bit of information is not going to earn them any kind of endearments, either, as it has been reported that the NSA posed as Facebook at times using automated systems in order […]


Brazil And EU's New Undersea Cable Aims To Keep U.S. Spying At Bay
The U.S. government has had to make some painful explanations following blowback generated by the highly classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden. This former CIA technical analyst leaked dozens of documents revealing the U.S. National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs, and the fact that even the country’s allies were not immune from spying. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff postponed a state visit to Washington last year in protest as it was […]

European Communication Network Could Keep Data Away From The U.S.
Last year word of the U.S. National Security Agency’s clandestine electronic spying programs broke when former CIA technical analyst Edward Snowden leaked a barrage of highly classified documents. There has been a steady stream of leaks from Snowden since then, alleging that the NSA also spies on citizens of foreign countries, even those of its allies. The revelations, or allegations depending the story you choose to believe, haven’t exactly been […]

Edward Snowden Gets Second Nobel Peace Prize Nomination
One can bet that there are a lot of people in Washington scoffing at this report right now. Edward Snowden is now known around the world as the former CIA technical analyst who escaped to Hong Kong prior to leaking a barrage of top secret documents implicating the U.S. National Security Agency in widespread electronic spying programs. The leaks continue to this day, only recently documents provided by Snowden revealed […]

Angry Birds Website Hacked, Known As Spying Birds Instead
It seems that birds are not the only ones who get angry – hackers too, have emotions. They are human after all, and a bunch of hackers have defaced the official Angry Birds website earlier today, citing them as Spying Birds with the NSA logo located right smack on the forehead of the red bird. This defacement of the website came about after reports that both of the U.S. and […]

Rovio Denies Allowing NSA To Spy On Users
Last year Edward Snowden blew the whistle on U.S. National Security Agency’s clandestine electronic spying programs. Since then he has leaked a barrage of highly classified documents revealing various programs. Yesterday, in yet another Snowden leak, documents alleged that the NSA in collaboration with UK’s GCHQ had been siphoning off personal data of users through popular mobile applications. Angry Birds was named as one of those apps in the documents, […]

NSA Reportedly Siphoning Off Personal Data Through Popular Mobile Apps
Another day, another round of leaks from former CIA technical analyst Edward Snowden. This man blew the whistle on U.S. National Security Agency’s electronic spying programs, and he continues to leak highly classified documents. Documents provided to The New York Times, The Guardian and ProPublica reveal that the NSA has been siphoning off personal data through popular mobile applications, internally referred to as “leaky apps.” Apparently the NSA has collaborated with […]

Foreign Microsoft Users Can Have Their Data Stored Outside The U.S.
Following a string of revelations about U.S. government backed electronic spying programs, which also included monitoring of foreign citizens’ internet traffic, Microsoft has announced a new move that has won the appreciation of privacy advocates. The company will allow foreign users to choose whether or not they want their data to be stored in Microsoft’s U.S. based data centers. If they’re not open to the idea, they can request to […]

Young Americans Believe Edward Snowden Served Public Interest
By now you must have heard of Edward Snowden, the former CIA technical analyst who leaked a treasure trove of top secret documents detailing the various electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency. Documents named major U.S. internet companies like Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Google, though all of them denied any involvement with the agency’s clandestine programs. Regardless of that, Snowden’s actions have brought the NSA’s secret operations to […]

Microsoft Not Satisfied With NSA Reforms, Will Keep Working To Make More Changes
President Obama recently announced that there would changes made to the NSA. Some of these changes included the way data was collected, and also how they would stop spying on their allies, just to name a few. It sounded like a good compromise, but it seems that not everyone agrees or was satisfied with the changes that were made, and Microsoft is one of the companies that aren’t too happy […]

President Obama Announces NSA Reforms
Given the hullabaloo over the NSA and their spying programs and tactics, safe to say many, including US citizens and other countries around the world, aren’t too pleased about it. The NSA’s argument is that their actions have been done for the sake of national security, and while that might be true, the methods used has since caused many to evaluate and question the integrity of tech companies and supposedly […]