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HTC Nexus Tablet Runs On Tegra K1 Processor (Rumor)
There has been some developments (read: rumors and leaks) concerning the upcoming Nexus X, but it has been insufficient to whip up frenzy surrounding the upcoming HTC-manufactured Nexus device. While we do know that it is in the pipeline and will eventually roll out one of these days, rumors point to it arriving with an 8.9” display alongside 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution, not to mention sporting a 64-bit Tegra […]

Acer Chromebook 13 With Tegra K1: Hands-On
Acer and NVIDIA have announced the Acer Chromebook 13, a Chrome OS laptop powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 mobile processor. This laptop contributes to the rising number of non-Windows laptop designs that use a low-power mobile processor. While this is still a nascent trend, it is very encouraging because it creates an opportunity to offer an awesome battery life. This is precisely what Acer has opted for, and according to […]

Tegra 4i Phone: Wiko WAX
The Wiko WAX is a European (French) smartphone that is the first Tegra 4i powered handset on the continent. The just launched here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As expected, the WAX is a mid-range handset that is exactly what Tegra 4i was built for. It features a 4.7” display (720p), a 8 Megapixel Camera and a relatively plain design.In some ways this is quite representative of the affordable […]

NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Introduced
NVIDIA has announced that a new version of its Tegra Note 7 Android Tablet will now come with NVIDIA’s own i500 4G LTE modem which can reach a theoretical top speed of 150Mbps. HSPA+ is also supported as a legacy network when LTE coverage is not available (along with 3G etc…). With a starting price of $299, the Tegra Note 7 LTE looks like a great option for those who seek […]


NVIDIA Tegra K1 Benchmarks Depict Serious Performance
When it comes to mobile devices, these bad boys have gotten more and more efficient in their performance, not to mention being able to deliver quality graphics which were once thought of as impossible. How far technology has progressed! Having said that, we did have a primer on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 not too long ago, and here we are with additional details on just how fantastic of a performer […]

NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Android 4.3 MR2 Update
Yesterday, I noticed that NVIDIA had updated their Tegra Note 7 stylus-enabled tablet, but I wanted to get some hands-on time with my own unit before posting about it here. In a nutshell, this update gets always-on HDR (AOHDR) which increases the image quality without requiring multiple shots. Video-stabilization has been added and various tweaks and default settings that should translate in higher image quality.

NVIDIA Tegra Tab P1640 Spotted In Taiwan NCC
NVIDIA’s involvement in the Android-powered tablet market has seen another device surface, although this time around, it will be making its way to the Taiwan National Communications Commission for regulatory approval. This particular filing depicted the NVIDIA Tegra Tab, where it was accompanied by model number P1640, which has been sent in to test both of its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, while glaringly lacking any cellular radios of note.The filing […]

NVIDIA Reportedly Developing An Android Tablet
Back in January NVIDIA described a unique plan, the chip maker said that it would design and develop Tegra devices itself which would then be sold through regional companies under their respective brands. Meaning that NVIDIA would not sell those tablets and smartphones under its own name, but it would be involved in all aspects of design and manufacturing. Since then we haven’t heard anything about such a device, but now […]

NVIDIA Tegra 5 Release Date, Specifications, Features
The first Tegra 4 handsets have not yet reached the market that NVIDIA is already showing its next-generation mobile chip codenamed “Logan” (the first name of super-hero Wolverine) at SIGGRAPH. Details on the SoC itself are pretty scarce since NVIDIA wants to tease its next mobile graphics architecture, which also happens to be the current PC graphics architecture which is codenamed “Kepler”. To be clear, the while system on a […]

NVIDIA Open To Licensing Its Technology To "Vertically Integrated" Companies
NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s talked to industry analysts today, and talked about various growth avenue, and he mentioned that NVIDIA was “open to licensing” its technology to companies that are heavily vertically integrated. Of course, two names pop immediately: Apple and Samsung, and this wouldn’t be very hard to see this as a message to those players, who both have their own processors. “We do it all the time” says […]

NVIDIA's Powerful Logan and Parker Tegra Chips Presented At GTC
NVIDIA has revealed a little more of its roadmap today. Off the initial roadmap that was shown to us at Mobile World Congress 2011, there NVIDIA has revealed what Logan is about, and has added a new chip codenamed Parker to the roadmap. Before we talk about Parker, NVIDIA has reminded us that Logan is using a Kepler GPU, which means that this is the first time that NVIDIA says […]

Tegra 4 Benchmarks: NVIDIA Jumps Into Hyperspace
We had an opportunity to run the first Tegra 4 benchmarks out NVIDIA’s lab and it’s time for an update on that front. Since NVIDIA launched its Tegra 4 processor at CES, there was a sense that it should be really fast, but the question was: how fast? Today, we have the answer: it’s roughly twice as fast as current-generation hardware and it looks very promising when stacked with theoretical […]

NVIDIA Tegra 4i LTE Processor
NVIDIA has just announced Tegra 4i, a new member in the Tegra 4 family of mobile processors. Tegra 4i features NVIDIA’s first integrated 4G LTE modem and it has been designed for smartphones that require both high-performance and very tight chip integration. The goal is to allow handset makers to build powerful designs at a lower cost and a smaller power envelope. The Tegra 4i chip won’t be as fast […]

NVIDIA TegraZone For Windows RT
In our review of the Microsoft Surface RT, we mentioned that good games were very hard to come by on Windows 8 RT. This is something that just got easier as NVIDIA has launched TegraZone for Windows RT. If you are not familiar with the Android version, TegraZone is an application that looks like a mini app store which features games and apps that are optimized for NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 […]