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Motorola XOOM overclocked, touches 1.5GHz mark
We have unboxed the Motorola XOOM tablet and will be bringing you one of our more comprehensive reviews in due time, but we don’t think we will take our chances by overclocking it to 1.2GHz as what has already happened here. The XOOM is currently one of the fastest Android tablets on the market courtesy of the speedy 1GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra processor that is capable of handling 3D […]

SetCPU for Android ekes out even more performance from your smartphone
In life, effective people tend to rely on the power of leverage as they maximize just about everything and anything possible to get ahead and remain there. In terms of smartphone hardware, you can always opt for the safe route of purchasing a model that has the fastest processor in the market, but for the more adventurous types, there is always the option of overclocking your device – albeit it […]

Samsung Captivate overclocked to 1.2GHz
So the Droid Pro will be the fastest Android smartphone when it arrives, touting a 1.3GHz processor, but if you want to be right at the top of the food chain at the moment, you won’t go wrong with any 1GHz Snapdragon-powered smartphones. What about the Samsung Captivate, you ask? Well, a modder decided to overclock its processor to touch 1.2GHz from 1GHz, with the potential of touching 1.6GHz without […]

Asus and G.Skill team up for highest overclocked DDR3 memory
Just a question – does the highest overclocked RAM automatically become the fastest? Well, Asus and G.Skill has teamed up to conjure the highest overclocked DDR3 memory in the world, where it hit an amazing 2.5GHz in terms of frequency to offer unprecedented performance for dual-channel DDR3 memory. This was made possible thanks to Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe and P7P55D-E EVO motherboards, where both come with significant overclocking features integrated within […]


HP Mini 311 overclocked
Owners of the HP Mini 311 can now eke out more performance from their machines by overclocking it, using the Asrock OC Tuner which is compatible with the NVIDIA chipset and Atom platform that currently see action in the HP Mini 311. With Asrock OC Tuner, a DIY buff managed to overclock the Atom processor to hit 1.85GHz in speed while keeping things stable.