SetCPU for Android ekes out even more performance from your smartphone

In life, effective people tend to rely on the power of leverage as they maximize just about everything and anything possible to get ahead and remain there. In terms of smartphone hardware, you can always opt for the safe route of purchasing a model that has the fastest processor in the market, but for the more adventurous types, there is always the option of overclocking your device – albeit it comes with its fair share of risks (the processor literally overheating and being rendered unusable) to a whole lot more drain on your handset’s battery life which might just equal to diminishing returns. With SetCPU for Android, it is capable of pushing a regular 550MHz processor on a vanilla Motorola Droid to touch even the 800MHz mark, but the less adventurous might want to stop at 600MHz or 700MHz. At least it does offer a slightly beefed up performance in terms of processing power, which might be good enough to delay your next smartphone purchase/upgrade cycle. Bear in mind that your Droid will need to be rooted beforehand though.


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