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OLPC XO-4 Arriving This March
Let us take a breather from the slew of CES news as we bring you word of other interesting tech goings-on. Case in point, did you know that there will be the OLPC XO-4 that is tipped for a release later this March? Yes sir, the OLPC XO-4 might seem awfully familiar to some at first glance, looking all too much like the XO-1.75 notebook, but you cannot fault those […]

XO-3 Tablet Shelved, XO-4 In The Pipeline
It was nearly one year back when One Laptop Per Child started to parade a tablet that was specially designed to deliver low-cost touchscreen computing capability to folks worldwide, with students as their main target. The idea of the XO-3 tablet was simple – price it low enough, so much so that if it were to retail for $100 a pop, and you should not find yourself short of customers […]

OLPCs hacked by Ethiopian kids on their own in 5 months
While I find it nigh impossible to believe that leaving a typewriter in the room with a bunch of monkeys would eventually see one of the Bard’s sonnets typed out (an experiment was run in the past to debunk such an idea), it is not too hard to see us humans are extremely intelligent compared to primates. For instance, when you leave OLPCs with a bunch of Ethiopian kids without […]

One Laptop Per Child XO 3.0 tablet to be showcased at CES 2012
[CES 2012] Remember back in 2009 One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) announced that it would be introducing a low-cost tablet, the XO 3.0? Well the tablet was supposed to go in production in 2010, and then was announced as delayed last year to get better screens, and we still didn’t get to see them. However, it looks like 2012 is going to be the year the tablets are finally complete.OLPC […]


OLPC uses helicopters to drops tablets in isolated villages
Anyone who has worked with tribal and aboriginal people groups would know that they more often than not live in highly inaccessible areas, where you will need to trek by hours or days on foot, swim through a river or both. This means to reach out to them takes plenty of time and effort, what more to deliver technology to their doorstep. Still, the human spirit is highly resilient, and […]

OLPC delays XO-3 tablet to make sure better screen is thrown into the mix
The OLPC has decided to delay their upcoming XO-3 tablet computer by more than a month, arriving only in February 2011 because they wanted the display to be flexible enough for it to be more resistant to breaking – although it will not be able to roll up (which might very well be possible in the coming years, but is not so cost-effective at the moment). Initially, the XO-3 won’t […]

Sugar On A Stick OS
The open-source Sugar Learning Platform is a Linux-based operating system that was specially developed for the OLPC project, and good news to curious folks who have wondered what it was all about – it is currently available on a 1GB USB flash drive, nicknamed the Sugar on a Stick v1 Strawberry which allows any computer to boot up to Sugar when plugged in. Currently, it comes in a version for […]