Anyone who has worked with tribal and aboriginal people groups would know that they more often than not live in highly inaccessible areas, where you will need to trek by hours or days on foot, swim through a river or both. This means to reach out to them takes plenty of time and effort, what more to deliver technology to their doorstep. Still, the human spirit is highly resilient, and in a modern day version of “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project decided to use helicopters to literally drop their new XO-3 tablet near remote villages in developing countries.

These devices won’t have any homing beacon or that sort – but rather, they will be left behind just like that until the villagers find it. Sounds like a simplistic plan – I think they would have better luck tying these XO-3 tablets to a belly of a wild boar or an equivalent animal and let it loose. One thing’s for sure – these tablets ought to be pretty hardy if they are going to be left just like that, relying on chance and luck to have someone chance upon it.

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