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HTC Teases The “Next Evolution Of The One” For October 20
An invite from HTC late last month revealed that the company would be launching a new device on the 20th of October. The company was not specific as to what kind of device we might expect, but so far the speculation and rumors are claiming that we will most likely be treated to the HTC One A9.That being said, the company has since posted a new video onto Twitter in […]

HTC One A9 Images Leak Yet Again
It’s no secret that HTC has a new “One” branded handset in the pipeline that it’s going to unveil in the near future, this handset is presumably going to be called HTC One A9, and we’ve already read and seen many leaks that give us a fairly good idea of what to expect. Some new images of the HTC One A9 have leaked yet again and they’re much better in quality […]

More HTC One A9 Photos Leaked
While there is a flurry of activity from Google today concerning their brand new handsets, this does not mean that the other smartphone manufacturers that are in the market will just sit back and fold their arms, not doing anything on their part to ensure that they too, will have something decent for the masses in due time. We do know that HTC has a 20th of October event that […]

New HTC One A9 Image Leaked
Whenever a particular device is about to hit the market, chances are you are going to see its image or schematics appear on the FCC, where someone has duly done his or her homework to pull out such images for all and sundry to check out, or you will also get to check out the device in the flesh, thanks to the numerous opportunities available to insiders who are then […]


HTC One A9 Listed At 700 Euros Spotted
When it comes to the HTC One A9, you can be sure that there has been a fair number of rumors surrounding it so far, ranging from it being benchmarked to having additional information leaked. Having said that, you might as well as this to the growing list of rumors, where the HTC One A9 has allegedly been spotted to retail for a whopping 700 plus Euros, which does sound […]

Additional HTC One A9 Specs Leaked
There are rumors that HTC is planning a new hero device that could be launched this year. The rumors claim that this will come in the form of the HTC One A9 that we have been hearing about recently. However if its recently leaked specs is anything to go by, it actually comes across as a mid-ranger than a hero phone.The leaked specs come courtesy of @evleaks who claims that […]

HTC One A9 Benchmarked
It looks like the HTC One A9 has had its fair share of rumors before, including that of being recorded on video, as well as being known as the HTC Aero, too. Well, all we do know is this at the moment – the HTC One A9 is meant to be a flagship smartphone by the time it hits the market, and hopefully with the benchmark results that we have […]

HTC Aero Will Be Known As The One A9 [Rumor]
Word has it that HTC has a new phone planned for later this year. This will supposedly be a high-end device and from what we know, the device has been given the codename “Aero”. Now thanks to a recent tweet by @evleaks, the device’s official name has been revealed to be the HTC One A9.This will be the first time in recent years that HTC has deviated from M-series for […]