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HTC Extends iPhone To One A9 Trade-In Program To 2016
It is no secret that Apple’s iPhone is one of the more highly-coveted devices around. Say what you will about Apple products, but you cannot deny that they are very desirable. However it seems that HTC really, really wants you to get their phones. So much so that they have decided to extend their trade-in program until 2016.Just in case you’re learning about this for the first time, HTC launched […]

HTC One X9 Rumored To Be A Mid-Range Device Due Q1 2016
Rumors are floating these days that HTC has yet another “One” smartphone up its sleeve, at first it was believed that the HTC One X9 is going to be yet another high-end smartphones from the company, but if a latest rumor is to be believed then the One X9 is actually a mid-range smartphone that’s due in the first quarter of next year.

HTC One A9 Pre-Orders Delayed In The US
Last week we reported that the HTC One A9 would be available via AT&T and Sprint. However as it turns out, it seems that the handset has been delayed. This is according to emails that HTC have apparently been sending to its customers, informing them of the delay. This delay does not appear to be too long, but that will depend on who you ordered the handset from.According to the […]

HTC May Have Another 'One' Smartphone In The Pipeline
HTC has to seriously up its game if it wants to remain competitive in the tough smartphone market. The company is hoping that its latest smartphone, HTC One A9, does wonders for its fortunes. While that remains to be seen there are rumors that HTC has yet another “One” branded device in the pipeline, it may be called the HTC One X9.Word on the street is that the HTC One […]


HTC One A9 Now Available From AT&T And Sprint
The HTC One A9 was announced a couple of weeks ago and if you did not pre-order the phone, fret not because both AT&T and Sprint have announced the handset’s availability. Fortunately for customers, it looks like the promotional price of the phone is still valid on HTC’s website so you still have time left before the price will go up.As HTC had confirmed not too long ago, the phone […]

Verizon To Offer HTC One A9
It is known that HTC has already confirmed that its upcoming flagship smartphone model which is known as the HTC One A9, will be able to play nice with Verizon’s network, but sadly for the masses, there has been virtually no information at all concerning as to when the carrier would be able to offer the smartphone for sale to the masses. I suppose this would not matter too much […]

HTC One A9 Will Cost $100 More After US Launch
The HTC One A9 was announced not too long ago and for its specs and its design, its asking price of $399 is actually a pretty decent deal. However as we noted in our review, this is the launch price and it is only a promotional price, which HTC has since confirmed. This means that upon its release to major retailers and distributors, expect a price hike of $100.According to […]

HTC One A9’s Design Will Be Applied To Future HTC Handsets
The HTC One A9 was announced not too long ago and while the phone does look sleek, there have been some comparisons made to Apple’s iPhones. However the flipside is that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus actually resemble HTC’s older models, so the question of who copied who, or who drew inspiration from who is debate for another day.That being said if you did like what you see, regardless […]

HTC Promises One A9 Updates Within 15 Days Of Google Releasing It
The HTC One A9 is the latest phone from the Taiwanese company. With its new design, it seems to suggest that HTC might be looking to start anew, which is why the company has also recently made a promise that the One A9 will be on the receiving end of timely updates. To be more specific, it will receive Android updates within 15 days of Google releasing it.This is according […]

32GB HTC One A9 Will Be The Only Model Available For The US Market
The HTC One A9 was recently launched and according to our hands-on review, HTC will be pricing it at $399.99 as the launch price. However the question is with HTC offering 16GB and 32GB models, which model will be the one that customers will be paying $399.99 for? It is assumed that it would be the 16GB model, but turns out it isn’t.According to HTC USA’s Jeff Gordon, he tweeted […]

HTC One A9 Review: Hands-On
The HTC One line has had an iconic design since the HTC One M7. The M8 won worldwide applause for inheriting the same design language and build quality. However, the One M9 was criticized for looking too similar, especially when competitors like the Galaxy S6 Edge were coming out with fresh designs.HTC’s reaction has been swift and efficient: in about a year, HTC’s design team has come up with a great […]

HTC CEO: HTC One A9 A Good iPhone Alternative
We all know that HTC is working to make a formal introduction of their upcoming flagship device which will be known as the HTC One A9 in New York City tomorrow, and you can be sure that HTC’s fans would definitely make a beeline for this handset the moment it becomes available at their mobile carrier. However, you can also be sure that detractors would be quick to point out […]

HTC One A9 Leaked By Carrier Ahead Of Reveal
Based on the official invite and the teasers, it has been widely speculated that on the 20th of October, HTC will announce the new HTC One A9 handset. So far we have been treated to leaked photos and specs, but now thanks to French carrier Orange, it seems that they have leaked the handset (via Android and Me) ahead of its official reveal.Judging by the fact that the listing on […]

HTC One A9 Benchmarked Again With Different Specs
It seems that the upcoming HTC One A9 looks set to be on its way to be the main draw when the 20th of October event rolls around, as there are plenty of leaks surrounding the handset, not to mention having it appear on a benchmark before the device has hit the market officially. Having said that, whenever there is a device that makes its way as a benchmark, you […]

HTC Teases The “Next Evolution Of The One” For October 20
An invite from HTC late last month revealed that the company would be launching a new device on the 20th of October. The company was not specific as to what kind of device we might expect, but so far the speculation and rumors are claiming that we will most likely be treated to the HTC One A9.That being said, the company has since posted a new video onto Twitter in […]

HTC One A9 Images Leak Yet Again
It’s no secret that HTC has a new “One” branded handset in the pipeline that it’s going to unveil in the near future, this handset is presumably going to be called HTC One A9, and we’ve already read and seen many leaks that give us a fairly good idea of what to expect. Some new images of the HTC One A9 have leaked yet again and they’re much better in quality […]

More HTC One A9 Photos Leaked
While there is a flurry of activity from Google today concerning their brand new handsets, this does not mean that the other smartphone manufacturers that are in the market will just sit back and fold their arms, not doing anything on their part to ensure that they too, will have something decent for the masses in due time. We do know that HTC has a 20th of October event that […]

New HTC One A9 Image Leaked
Whenever a particular device is about to hit the market, chances are you are going to see its image or schematics appear on the FCC, where someone has duly done his or her homework to pull out such images for all and sundry to check out, or you will also get to check out the device in the flesh, thanks to the numerous opportunities available to insiders who are then […]

HTC One A9 Listed At 700 Euros Spotted
When it comes to the HTC One A9, you can be sure that there has been a fair number of rumors surrounding it so far, ranging from it being benchmarked to having additional information leaked. Having said that, you might as well as this to the growing list of rumors, where the HTC One A9 has allegedly been spotted to retail for a whopping 700 plus Euros, which does sound […]

Additional HTC One A9 Specs Leaked
There are rumors that HTC is planning a new hero device that could be launched this year. The rumors claim that this will come in the form of the HTC One A9 that we have been hearing about recently. However if its recently leaked specs is anything to go by, it actually comes across as a mid-ranger than a hero phone.The leaked specs come courtesy of @evleaks who claims that […]