HTC One Max

HTC One Max Failed To Securely Store Fingerprints
As fingerprint readers start becoming more common on mobile devices many questions can be asked regarding the way these devices store fingerprints, and whether security of such uniquely identifiable information can ever really be guaranteed. A new report from security firm FireEye Labs shows that there’s much to be done in this field as it points out that the HTC One Max failed at securely stored users’ fingerprints.

HTC One Max Gets Android 5.0 Lollipop Update
The HTC One Max made its official appearance in October a couple of years ago, and needless to say, HTC has not really done all that well for itself in recent years, although the HTC One series did bring back a certain degree of respect to the brand. Still, despite not being all that popular, the HTC One Max does have its fair share of fans, and if you happen […]

HTC One (M8) Max Specifications Rumored
HTC has released two variants of the One (M8) smartphone this year, the first being powered by Android and the second opting for Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Many have been wondering if a phablet is one its way as well? Last year the HTC One Max was released and there’s speculation now whether a new One Max is on the cards. Specifications of the HTC One (M8) Max have been rumored and by […]

Verizon HTC One Max Gets Sense 6 Update
There’s good news for those who own a HTC One Max on Verizon. The carrier today released an over-the-air update for the device which enhances the user interface and user experience for One Max owners. Bumping up the software version to 3.09.605.2 the update brings a revamped user interface with a “vivid color palette,” and many other tweaks to the overall experience.


HTC One Max Rumors Abound
It looks as though there is going to be a brand new phablet in the market, which is a niche that the folks over at HTC have not really gone into with their full effort. The rumored phablet is right now designated as the HTC One (M8) Max, where it supposedly arrives with the impressive Snapdragon 805 chipset, not to mention having carried the code name HTC One Prime in […]

Leaked Huawei Ascend D3 Borrows Design Cues From HTC One Max
This is the first time we have heard about this particular Huawei smartphone which the company has said nothing about at this point in time. It is believed to be the Huawei Ascend D3. A couple of pictures of this handset have leaked online and if the unit seen in the pictures didn’t have a Huawei logo one would almost find themselves believing that its actually the HTC One Max. […]

Sprint HTC One Max Update Brings Sense 6 And Wi-Fi Calling
Back in February Sprint started rolling out the Wi-Fi calling feature. At the time the feature was only compatible with a handful of devices. Since then the carrier has rolled out software updates for a number of other devices, enabling Wi-Fi calling for them. The latest to receive such an update is Sprint HTC One Max. A software update for the device has been rolled out today and not only […]

Verizon HTC One Max Android 4.4 Update Released
The long and agonizing wait is finally over for owners of the HTC phablet on Big Red. Verizon HTC One Max Android 4.4 update has just been released. Only yesterday HTC confirmed that it had received technical approval for the update, which meant that the update was set to be released very soon. Android OS version 4.4.2 is now rolling out over-the-air, the update notification should automatically pop up on […]

Verizon HTC One Max Android 4.4.2 Release Possible Tomorrow
HTC has worked very hard to ensure that the KitKat update reaches its prominent devices promptly. Last year flagship, the HTC One, received KitKat back in February. HTC One Max owners haven’t been that lucky though, they’ve had to wait for quite a while even though Android 4.4 was released by Google late last year. Though it appears that the wait might soon be over for One Max owners on […]

Sprint HTC One Max Android 4.4.2 Update Released
HTC has been in the news a lot these past few days, that’s because the company has finally launched its 2014 flagship, the All New HTC One M8. Its not disappearing from headlines anytime soon. While it remains unclear if the company has any plans of launching a successor of its phablet, the folks at Sprint have released the Android 4.4.2 update for the existing model. The Sprint HTC One […]

HTC One Max Battery Put Through The Paces
When you have a smartphone with the name of HTC One Max, you know for sure that everything about it is going to come in an extra large size. After all, it sports a gigantic 6” display that would translate to having more than enough space to stash a large battery within underneath the hood. A decent battery is essential to any modern day device, and the HTC One Max […]

HTC One Max Review
The HTC One has been quite the smartphone for HTC as it has sold exceptionally well for the company through the several months that it’s been available. We’ve seen HTC come out with different colored HTC One devices to give you a bit of personalization for the smartphone, while also releasing the HTC One Mini and HTC One Max. The HTC One Mini brought the HTC One in a more […]

You Can Buy Verizon HTC One Max From Today
HTC’s flagship phablet has finally made its way to Big Red. We had heard rumors previously that Verizon might launch the HTC One Max at some point and it has rather quietly done that today. We reported yesterday that it was likely that the phablet will be priced $299.99 on contract, and indeed it is. You can now buy Verizon HTC One Max through the carrier’s retail stores or its […]

Verizon HTC One Max Price Likely To Be $299 On Contract
It has been rumored a few times that HTC’s gigantic phablet, the One Max, is going to make its way over to the largest mobile network in the U.S. Just last month, press renders of the Verizon HTC One Max were leaked online. Though at this point in time it is not known exactly when Verizon plans on releasing the phablet on its network, the carrier hasn’t said how much […]