htc-one-maxGiven that Canada and the US are considered North American markets, usually devices released in the US are usually released in Canada as well. Unfortunately this is not always the case as HTC’s Canadian arm has basically confirmed that the recently announced HTC One Max will not be making its way into Canada, at least not anytime soon. According to the folks at MobileSyrup, the official statement by HTC Canada reads, “HTC devices differ from country to country, we work closely with carrier partners in each region to determine what is best for their consumers. Every market is different and has specific needs and demands. We consider a number of factors such as, the HTC devices currently available, the competition etc. At this time the current HTC line up of devices is sufficient for the Canadian marketplace.”

Given that HTC isn’t exactly enjoying financial success at the moment, one would think that the company would try to cover as many markets as possible, but we guess this is their current strategy for now. In the meantime for our Canadian readers who would love to get their hands on the HTC One Max, you guys will need to cross the border or keep an eye out for grey imports if you wish to own the device on an unofficial basis. No word if HTC plans to introduce the handset later, but for now you guys would be out of luck.

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