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Onkyo Unveils DAC/Headphone Amp For Mobile Devices
As you might have heard, Jay-Z has recently relaunched the Tidal music streaming service which will focus on providing lossless audio quality to its subscribers, but what’s the use of being able to enjoy such high quality music if your media device or headphones aren’t capable of supporting it?That’s where Onkyo steps in. The company has recently announced its DAC-HA300 device which is a DAC and a headphone amplifier combined […]

Onkyo CS-255 iOS Speaker Dock Supports Lightning Devices
Speaker docks that support Apple’s iOS devices are a dime a dozen, but there’s nothing wrong with variety, right? For those of you who are looking forward to getting your hands on a new speaker dock from Onkyo, the company has announced the CS-255 speaker dock which will play nicely with Apple’s Lightning connector devices, such as the iPhone 5 for example. Not just your run of the mill speaker […]

Onyko SlatePads Announced For Japan Market
Onkyo is better known for their range of audio devices and peripherals, but this time round, they have clearly left their comfort zone by announcing not one, not two, neither will they be rolling out three, but rather, half a dozen (!) tablets in the Land of the Rising Sun. Yes sir, Onkyo’s range of tablets will be known as SlatePads in Japan, where for the entry level device, it […]

Onkyo GX-W100HV speakers feature DLNA capabilities
If you’re in the market for a new set of speakers, Onkyo might have something for you in the form of the GX-W100HV, a pair of bookshelf speakers that is more than meets the eye. Yes, if you were expecting a regular pair of speakers, you’ll be in for a surprise as the Onkyo GX-W100HV will sport DLNA support on top of everything else.


Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System plays CDs and your iPods
While using physical media to listen to music is becoming less and less common these days, there still are a large number of folks with CDs that they aren’t willing to throw away yet. It looks like Onkyo recognizes this issue and has come up with a solution in the form of the Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System. In addition to acting as a dock for your iPhone/iPod, it has […]

Onkyo announces remote control app for Android
Folks who are tired of losing their remote controls for their Onkyo home theater systems will be pleased to know that the company has just announced a remote control app that will be coming to Android smartphones later this year. The app will allow users to stream content from their Android devices onto their Onkyo home theater systems in addition to functioning as a remote control that can do more […]

Onkyo home theater systems to support Spotify
While Spotify might have only launched in the US today a couple of hours ago, it looks like manufacturers have already started taking advantage of the situation. Onkyo has just announced that users will be able to use their Onkyo home theater systems to listen to Spotify’s music on-demand service.This feature will come through a firmware update that Onkyo will be releasing to its home theater systems. Onkyo will be […]

Onkyo BD-SP809 is a box that plays it all
Home theaters are quite different from what they used to be back in the day. Instead of having to deal with just one type of medium for your media, consumers now have so many different choices where to get their entertainment from. While in the past this meant the need to purchase multiple players, it looks like we won’t have to anymore.

Onkyo TX-NR1009 supports up to nine loudspeakers
Audio specialists, Onkyo, has just introduced the world’s first home theater receiver to feature DTS Neo:X multidimensional audio technology. Implemented in the Onkyo TX-NR1009, DTS Neo:X enables customers to enjoy the luxury of nine loudspeakers while watching their favorite movies or playing their favorite games. Capable out ousting current seven channel systems, a nine channel set up can create a lifelike 3D soundscape in a user’s own home.The Onkyo TX-NR1009 […]

Onkyo launches TX-NR809 networking AV receiver with advanced video capabilities
Onkyo has just announced the launch of the TX-NR809 – a THX Select2 Plus Certified, 7.2-channel, network-capable home theater receiver. The successor to last year’s TX-NR808, the TX-NR809 now has both Mavell Qdeo and IDT HQV Vida video upscaling and processing circuits. It also includes Imaging Science Foundation’s ISF Video Calibration technology for the first time at this price point. It features Audyssey’s MultiEQ XT advanced automated calibration and Dolby […]

Onkyo expands premium home theater system lineup with HT-S9400THX
Onkyo has just announced the addition of the HS-S9400THX to their lineup of home theater systems. The top-of-the-line model, the HT-S9400THX is THX Certified and packs THX approved 7.1-channel speakers, making sure you never miss a line of a movie or a note of a song. In addition to the surround sound system, it has the standard features found in their high-end HT systems. A front-panel USB port (with iPod/iPad/iPhone […]

Onkyo announces HT-RC370 and HT-RC360
Onkyo has just announced that they will be replacing their two current home theater receivers – the HT-RC270 and HT-RC260 with two new models: the HT-RC370 and HT-RC360. The new home theater receivers will be among the first AV receivers equipped with the new Marvell Qdeo 4K video upscaling processor. This allows users to upscale video to 1080p and beyond to as much as 4k of horizontal resolution, regardless of […]

Spotify streams to Onkyo receivers now
It has been more than a year that Spotify has made available streaming on Sonos systems, and even so you did not have the ability nor authority to modify playlists save via a computer or a handset. Of course, all of that will change for the better, since Onkyo home cinema receivers have become compatible with Spotify Premium accounts, and can be controlled through the TV interface. For instance, the […]

Onkyo outs 7.1-channel HT-S5400 home-theater-in-a-box
Onkyo has a spanking newhome-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) receiver-and-speaker model that intends to bring the audio pedigree of Onkyo in a convenient packaged home theater system, where it comes in the form of the 7.1-channel Onkyo HT-S5400. Offering the latest implementation of the HDMIconnectivity standard alongside support for 3D video, lossless audio from Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, it will also come with an Audio Return Channel that sends an audio […]

Onkyo DS-A4 Remote Interactive Dock for iPod/iPhone
Onkyo has announced its DS-A4 Remote Interactive Dock for iPod/iPhone that was specially designed to hook up to the majority of AV receivers, bosating relevant audio and video outputs. Not only that, whenever your iDevice is docked, it will also gain the courtesy of getting charged as any other iPod/iPhone dock worth its salt. As for the full function remote control, it will play nice with most AV receivers, bringing […]

Onkyo releases retro looking Hi-Fi components
[CES 2011] If you’re an audiophile who takes pride in your old school Hi-Fi components, or you’re looking for those extinct machines but can’t seem to find them in good working condition, fret not! Onkyo is here to save the day. They have just announced a new range of Hi-Fi separate components styled in the fashion of their classic stereo models of the 1980s. This will allow you to enjoy […]

Onkyo's TA117 tablet is powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 250 chip
NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset seems to be in the news a lot recently but we don’t see enough tablets powered by it to make us happy. Onkyo Japan has now introduced the TA117 tablet that is powered by NVIDIA’s 1GHz Tegra 250 chipset, giving you plenty of power under the hood. The tablet is currently only offered in Japan, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re fairly sure you […]

Onkyo Unveils 3 New Windows 7 Tablets
Onkyo has updated its Windows tablet offerings in Japan with three new tablets based on the Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. The TW117A4 and TW217A5 have a 10.1-inch display while the TW317A5 has an 11.6-inch screen. The TW117A4 and TW317A5 will use the Intel Atom N450 CPU with GMA 3150 graphics while the TW217A5 will pack in an Atom X530 and GMA 500 graphics chip. All models will have […]

Onkyo receivers to get HDMI 1.4a update
Onkyo’s high end receivers are slated to offer 3D-capable HDMI 1.4a inputs, DLNA 1.5 (Windows 7 Compatible) and streaming support, not to mention THX Certification, 9.2 channel audio, a couple of HDMI outputs, HQV Reon VX video processing and powered audio output for up to a trio of different rooms. Good to know this hardware refresh does not involve any price increase, which means those who had the patience to […]

Onkyo all-in-one E713A9B desktop computer
Onkyo has a spanking new all-in-one E713A9B desktop computer that doesn’t look as though it will hit Stateside anytime soon, but what make this different from all of the other all-in-one machines would be its iPod docking station. Yes sir, this computer allows you to juice up your iPod by docking it right beside the display, where the dock can be pulled out. Of course, we do question just how […]