Onkyo retro Hi-Fi set

[CES 2011] If you’re an audiophile who takes pride in your old school Hi-Fi components, or you’re looking for those extinct machines but can’t seem to find them in good working condition, fret not! Onkyo is here to save the day. They have just announced a new range of Hi-Fi separate components styled in the fashion of their classic stereo models of the 1980s. This will allow you to enjoy music with today’s technology in a Hi-Fi set that looks like it arrived in a time machine from the past. The three models – P-3000R Preamplifier, M-5000R Power Amplifier and C-7000R CD player can work together and can be purchased separately. All 3 components feature advanced technology – such as Onkyo’s Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry (DIDRC), separate digital and analog circuitry, massive toroidal transformers, gold-plated terminals, and separate chassis panels – to give you a listening experience that faithfully reproduces the sounds of the original source. All three models will be on display at CES and will be available for purchase from Onkyo dealers this month. Suggested retail prices are $1,699 for the P-3000R pre-amplifier, $2,499 for the M-5000R power amplifier, and $1,499 for the C-7000R CD player. Head to the Onkyo site for more info.

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