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Microsoft Adjusting To New Reality: Free Windows And More
During its Build 2014 conference, Microsoft has laid out a number of moves that will position it to better compete with Google and Apple, but also setup the company for a different computing future. Although desktops and laptops are here to stay, Microsoft is still trying hard to catch up on search, consumer web services, and mobile devices of course. There are some real success with web infrastructure – mostly […]

Licencing NVIDIA Tegra Technology: Good Decision
At the Reuters Global Technology Summit, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang as confirmed that his company wants to license its graphics technology (IP) to other mobile chip vendors, thus opening a new business for NVIDIA. This is an idea that we first heard about during the GTC conference in March 2013. Although it has occasionally sold its IP for others to build chips (like the RSX graphics chip for Sony’s PlayStation 3), […]

Apple Game Console? iOS+OSX Controller Framework
As we’re getting out of Apple’s worldwide developer conference (WWDC), the news that a new controller framework has been added to the iOS and OS X SDKs is already creating some waves on the net. Specifically, this would be the “proof”, or at least the “writing on the wall” that  Apple is working on a game console. Surely, there’s no other reason to support controllers, right? Wrong.

NVIDIA Shield Is About Shaping The Mobile Chip Battlefield
NVIDIA has provided some insights about how the NVIDIA Shield portable gaming device came to be (read about our hands-on time with the Shield at CES). I recommend reading the article on their website, and if you want a quick primer: it’s a great story of an ambitious idea which was turned into reality by an initial group of hardcore engineers which subsequently got company-wide support to the finish line. […]


iPhone 5 A6 chip probably has custom core design
For all the noise that was made around the relative lack of novelty with the iPhone 5, it’s fair to say that most people will probably agree on the fact that it is a faster phone, and not in a small way. Without running proper benchmarks, we’re not sure if it is really “2X faster” than the previous one but it is obviously faster.One of the first theories to emerge […]

iPhone 5 held back by... dogma
Today, Apple unveiled its long awaited iPhone 5, a device that was highly rumored so the new features were not a surprise, at all. During the time where those leaks happened, the main friction points that we have noticed among commenters were the display size and the prospect that battery life would not be increased significantly because of the thinness (7.6mm, which is impressive).In an ultra-competitive race where super large […]

iPhone 5 "Global" LTE support rumors: grossly exaggerated
When the Wall Street Journal came out with the speculation that the iPhone 5 would feature 4G LTE, this was largely a non-news as virtually everyone expects LTE to happen in the iPhone 5 as 1/users demand it 2/ wireless carriers want LTE phones, period. The more interesting bit from WSJ was that LTE would work outside of the US market, which is unusual for LTE phones: most fall back […]

Digital Cameras + Android = Unavoidable
The world of compact cameras has changed rapidly in the past few years, and this change is due to the rise of smartphones, and more precisely, due the high quality of smartphones internal cameras. Sales of compact cameras has declined and manufacturers can barely keep their revenues afloat, if at all.A possible way out: raise the bar and provide an added-value that only a bigger form factor can: bigger sensors, […]

OnLive Game Streaming Company Goes Under
OnLive, the most prominent game streaming company is no more. The Company has apparently been experiencing financial difficulties, and had to lay off about half of its staff. People left the company with boxes late on Friday. The company says that its assets have been purchased by a “newly formed company with substantial funding”.I’ve discussed the challenges of the cloud gaming business back in 2008, but the news came as […]

The unibody iPhone
This could be one of four things1. A very elaborate hoax. If it’s a hoax, kudos to whoever made it because it would require the same amount of design and engineering effort that would go into an actual smartphone. Not to mention all of the collaboration that would have been needed between the numerous different sites that have posted images and video already. That’s an insane amount of work for a laugh, […]

Blackberry+Android: instant coolness or sure death?
Earlier today, we talked about how RIM, the company behind Blackberry phones, once contemplated switching to android. Instead, the company has chosen to stick to its gun and move forward with its upcoming operating system: Blackberry 10 (BB10). Was this decision right, or was it a tragic mistake?There are plenty of people who would immediately reply: “yes, it was a tragic mistake!”, but the answer isn’t as obvious as one […]

Windows Phone 8: Microsoft Takes The Gloves Off
As you may have seen on Ubergizmo earlier, Microsoft has lifted the veil on Windows Phone 8, their upcoming smartphone operating system. On the surface, things did not change much but underneath, Windows Phone 8 has gone through a radical transformation as Microsoft gutted the Windows CE legacy code and rebuilt everything with the Windows 8 kernel code. This is a huge achievement for Microsoft which manages to do this […]