Outlook.com Hackers Did Access Emails Of Some Users

Microsoft revealed last week that an Outlook.com support agent’s credentials were compromised by hackers and they were thus able to access folder names, email addresses, and subject lines of emails from January till March this year. It stated that they couldn’t see the email content but that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

Outlook.com Dark Mode Teased By Microsoft

Microsoft temporarily introduced a dark mode for Outlook.com during Halloween last year and it appears that it may be looking to make this a permanent option. The company is planning to offer a permanent dark mode for Outlook.com as it has been working on the mode for the past few months. The company has teased that this mode may be available to users soon.

Outlook.com Premium Launched For $19.95 Per Year

Microsoft started testing the Outlook.com Premium email service in October last year. The service was in beta at that point in time and the company didn’t really confirm when it would be released for everybody. According to a new report, Microsoft has formally albeit quietly launched the Outlook.com Premium email service for users in the United States this week.

Outlook.com Migration Is 99.9% Complete

Microsoft rolled out a major upgrade for Outlook.com around two years back. The new and improved email service brought several new features and improvements. Microsoft said at that time that it was going to migrate all of the users who rely on its email service to the new experience. The new Outlook.com remained in preview for about nine months after which it made its exit from preview in February last […]


Outlook.com Gets A Major Revamp With A New Look And Features

Microsoft today announced a major revamp for Outlook.com that brings a new look and feel as well as new features. There’s a refined inbox, new ways to collaborate, an upgraded calendar and much more included in this revamp. Microsoft is rolling out the Outlook.com update in Preview today albeit only to a small group of users. The company has announced this update as it starts work on migrating Outlook.com over to […]

Google And Facebook Chat Being Removed From Outlook.com

Outlook.com users take note. Microsoft has confirmed today that it is going to remove both Google and Facebook chat from its email service “within the next couple of weeks.” The company made this announcement through an email that was sent out to Outlook.com users. It is understandable why Microsoft is removing Google chat, and it even provides a reason, but its mum on why Facebook chat is getting the same treatment.

Microsoft Updates Outlook.com To Make It More ‘Sophisticated’

Outlook.com today received an update that aims to make the service more sophisticated. One particular feature that aids Microsoft in this mission is Advanced Rules. The company claims that these are the “most sophisticated rules in webmail.”

Skype For Outlook.com Goes Global

Last year a preview version of Skype integration into Outlook.com was rolled out to users in select markets. What it allows users to do is that they can tap into Skype without actually having to leave their Outlook inbox, this eliminates the need for launching the standalone Skype app when you need to make a call, the magic happens within the inbox itself. Today the Skype team announced that Skype […]

Microsoft Entices Gmail Users To Join Outlook.com Through New Tool

Microsoft and Google both run two of the most widely used email services, Outlook.com and Gmail. It obviously won’t come as a surprise to see one try to poach users from the other. Redmond has developed a new tool to entice existing Gmail users to make the switch over to its email service. Thanks to the recent addition of IMAP support to Outlook.com, the tool is much better than previous import features. Not […]

Outlook.com IMAP Support Finally Added

Microsoft has announced today that Outlook.com IMAP support has finally been added to the company’s popular email service. IMAP and OAuth both are now immediately available for Outlook.com. The email service already supports Exchange ActiveSync, a protocol that is used by majority of the smartphones and tablets available today which run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Now with IMAP support, devices and apps that don’t support Exachange ActiveSync will […]