Advanced-Rules-body today received an update that aims to make the service more sophisticated. One particular feature that aids Microsoft in this mission is Advanced Rules. The company claims that these are the “most sophisticated rules in webmail.”

With Advanced Rules users essentially get more control over how their emails are filed, sorted or bumped to the top of the inbox. Users are now able to create multi-condition and multi-action rules using which the Inbox will sort itself automatically. For example they can set rules to ensure that all unread emails received from a known contact older than three days are flagged and marked as important. This way nothing gets lost in the piles of email accumulated daily.

A feature much loved in Microsoft’s productivity suite has made its way to Users now have the option to “Undo” certain tasks. For example if they move email from one folder to another or hit delete by accident all they have to do to bring it back is click on Undo or use the ctrl+z shortcut. users will particularly appreciate the in-line reply feature which will save a lot of time when replying to emails. In-line reply lets users directly respond to an email from within the thread, there’s no need to launch a new view. It also makes tracking conversations easier.

Last but not the least users can now switch from one chatting service to another from within Start talking with someone on Skype and continue the conversation through Facebook from inside the chat session.

All of these new features will be rolled out to users within the coming days.

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