Microsoft temporarily introduced a dark mode for during Halloween last year and it appears that it may be looking to make this a permanent option. The company is planning to offer a permanent dark mode for as it has been working on the mode for the past few months. The company has teased that this mode may be available to users soon.

“One reason for the delay is our insistence that we deliver the best Dark Mode of any leading email client (you’ll understand when you see it, I guarantee),” an team member said in a post concerning feedback, adding that “The sneak preview you saw last year at Halloween was a prototype that required a lot more work to be ready for prime time.”

Microsoft has said that the colors and code of the dark mode have been redesigned multiple times and that it’s now in the last stages of delivering it to all users. This will certainly appeal to a lot of users as dark mode remains one of the most frequently requested features by its users. has close to 400 million users and Microsoft routinely makes updates to the service in order to improve the user experience for those people. The dark mode will certainly go a long way in improving the user experience.

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