Ovi Share to be discontinued end of May

We’ve previously announced Nokia’s plans to get rid of the Ovi brand so that all its products and services fall under the same brand – Nokia. Previously Ovi announced that Ovi Contacts will be discontinued. Today, Nokia announced that its Ovi Share content sharing service won’t be available as of May 30th 2012. So for those of you who use the service – you’ve got a few months to download […]

Ovi logo removed from Ovi Store website

Back in May, Nokia announced that it will be getting rid of the Ovi brand – and it looks like the change has started. If you visit the Ovi Store now, you’ll realize that the Ovi logo is now gone and has been replaced by Nokia’s logo instead. The web page title has also been renamed to Nokia Store. However, the URL for the store remains the same and the […]

Foursquare for Symbian updated – out with the old, in with the new

Do you love checking in using Foursquare? After all, it is a whole lot cheaper compared to checking in to a particular hotel and paying a couple of hundred dollars each night, right? Good news for Symbian-powered phone owners who are using Foursquare – the app has just been updated to the latest version, which means the old app has already stopped working, so thankfully the latest version available over […]

Nokia Ovi Store has 50,000 apps and hits 6.5 million daily downloads

The BlackBerry App World has hit the one billion download mark, but Apple’s App Store has outdone its rival by 15 times the amount, which is extremely impressive. Well, Nokia’s Ovi Store isn’t quite dead yet, where it currently plays host to 50,000 apps as well as achieving 6.5 million downloads per day, so it would take less than half a year to touch the magical 1 billion mark.


Ovi Store updated: now supports in-store updates

It’ll be awhile before Nokia gets rid of the Ovi name, but until then it looks like it is still providing updates for its Ovi programs. The Ovi Store has recently got an update with a major new feature – the ability to update the apps within the store itself. Following in the footsteps of the Apple App Store and the Android Market, this new feature will make it easier […]

The Ovi Store is very popular in China

According to a report posted on the official Nokia blog, it appears that Nokia’s Ovi Store is the most popular app store in China, beating out 13 other app stores that are available in the country. The research showed that 65.2% of the Chinese population in China preferred to download their apps from Nokia’s Ovi Store, while China Mobile’s Mobile Market comes in a close second at 57.7%. What’s surprising […]

Nokia Working On An Ovi Browser

It hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but word is that Nokia is gearing up to announce a new product under its Ovi brand, which is the Ovi Browser. Evidence of such a browser surfaced on some Nokia download pages at the Beta Labs website, and at the Ovi website, though users aren’t able to download it at the moment. Details are still quite scarce, so we’ll have to keep […]

Nokia X5 And C5 Go Official In China

Looks like the whispers about the Nokia X5 were true, as Nokia has unveiled two new TD-SCDMA phones for China Mobile, the Nokia C5 and X5. Both devices will support 3G on China Mobile and will offer the first jointly-run mobile application store, the Mobile Market-Ovi Store. The X5 is a candybar phone that is powered by Symbian. Features aren’t too bad as it offers a 5-megapixel camera with dual […]

Vodafone Wayfinder Falls Victim To Free Smartphone Navigation

With Google offering free turn-by-turn navigation for Android devices, and Nokia following suit with its Ovi Maps, it was only a matter of time before all these free navigation services claimed a victim, and it seems that the first victim to buckle under the pressure is Vodafone’s Wayfinder. This news comes just 16 months after Vodafone spent a hefty $30 million to purchase Wayfinder. While many might have thought that […]

Skype Now Available For Nokia Smartphones Via The Ovi Store

Skype is certainly one of the more useful services on the Internet, and almost anyone who uses it regularly will be able to tell you the cost benefits of using Skype over your normal cellular call. With that in mind, is Nokia nailing the coffin on regular cell phone calls with the announcement that it will be offering a native Skype client in its Ovi Store? With such a move, […]

Nokia Ovi Music To Offer DRM-free Music?

Looks like Nokia is really putting a lot of focus into its Ovi services, and more evidence on that can be found in the latest reports that Nokia will be rebranding its Music Store as Ovi Music, and the best part is, that it will be offering DRM-free tracks. In short, this means that if songs that you purchase from Ovi Music will be able to be played on devices […]

Nokia N900 Gets Firmware Update

Folks who own a Nokia N900 were notified that a new firmware update is currently available on the Application Manager, bringing the latest firmware up to 1.2009.44.1. This firmware doesn’t seem to bring about any major changes, but there are some rather big icons in the Application manager, and a new repository called “Ovi” has been added to the catalogs, so it seems that something cool is going to happen […]

Nokia Image Exchange For S60 Touch Phones

Nokia users who are running a S60 device with a touchscreen will want to take note that a beta version of Nokia Image Exchange for S60 touchscreen smartphones (such as Nokia 5530, 5800, N97 and X6) is available for download via Nokia Beta Labs. Currently the functionality is quite limited, and the UI is a little unpolished, since it’s still in beta stage. If you want to download it to […]

Ovi Store Off to a Rocky Start

Over the week-end, we have received word from several countries that Nokia’s Ovi Store had finally open and experienced a few network problems – due to the success of the store, says Nokia. Shortly after launching the Ovi Store at 2 am ET, we began experiencing extraordinarily high spikes of traffic that resulted in some performance issues for users accessing store.ovi.com and store.ovi.mobi. We immediately began to address this issue […]