Nokia StoreBack in May, Nokia announced that it will be getting rid of the Ovi brand – and it looks like the change has started. If you visit the Ovi Store now, you’ll realize that the Ovi logo is now gone and has been replaced by Nokia’s logo instead. The web page title has also been renamed to Nokia Store. However, the URL for the store remains the same and the name Ovi is still present in its apps, so this is definitely a gradual transition. I predict that the name change for the apps will probably arrive with the next major update for it, and people probably won’t realize it straightaway.

But regardless of the name changes, you can expect everything to work as well as they did before. It’s just a cosmetic issue to help tie Nokia’s services and products together. Nokia expects to have the word Ovi gone by the end of 2012. How many of you will be missing Ovi when it’s gone?

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