ASUS Padfone

After a week of teasing the public with snapshots of a mysterious upcoming device rumored to be called the Padfone, ASUS has finally pulled down the curtains and showed off to the world what they were talking about. The Padfone is basically a combination of two devices – a phone and a tablet. Imagine the Motorola Atrix – but instead of having a laptop dock to plug your phone in, make it a tablet dock instead and you get the Padfone.

The Padfone allows users to plug their ASUS smartphone into the tablet dock which gives it a larger screen, extended battery life, making it easier to watch movies, browse websites, read emails, all on a larger screen. The phone will contain the SIM card, storage space, and basically all the files, so there’s no hassle of having to transfer anything from the phone to the tablet or vice versa when using it in either mode. Seems like a pretty interesting way to implement the phone functionality in a tablet, though I can see not many people wanting to spend a fortune on a tablet that can’t do anything without a phone – ASUS will have to price this one right for it to succeed. Hit the break for some videos on the tablet:

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