Diablo 3Right now, Diablo 3 is on patch 1.0.4, but it is said that Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 will be able to fix what is currently wrong with the Trail of Cinders, where nerfs damage from 1500% over three seconds will be reduced to just 300% over three seconds. I guess when patch 1.0.5 finally rolls out (it has yet to be determined when), the rune will no longer deal five times the additional damage than intended – meaning Blizzard has already caught on to this particular issue.

Blizzard community manager Lylirra explained why there was no immediate fix for the bug, saying, “While this bug was discovered very quickly after 1.0.4 released and is capable of being hotfixed, we didn’t want to move forward with the fix without giving players proper notice. We also know that players are having fun using Trail of Cinders in their builds, so – although this is an important issue we want to address – we’re opting to wait for the next client patch to make any adjustments.”

I guess patience is the only way out, but while waiting, you might as well take full advantage of this bug when you still can.

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