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Periscope Is Now Officially Dead
Back in the day when being able to create a live stream on your mobile device was a new thing, Periscope was one of the more popular options out there, so much so that Twitter decided to spend $100 million to buy the company. However, all good things need to come to an end, and Periscope is one of them.

Twitter Will Be Shutting Down Its Periscope Standalone App
Back in 2015, Twitter acquired Periscope which allowed users to create their own livestreams and share it on the social network’s platform. However, fast forward to today, it seems that Twitter has decided that they have integrated Periscope into its platform deeply enough where maybe there is no longer a need for a standalone app.

Periscope Won’t Take A Cut Of Broadcasters’ ‘Super Hearts’
In this day and age, there are many ways to make money that weren’t an option say 5 years ago. A good example would be livestreaming, where it seems that people are more than happy to give money to other people to watch them livestream a game, or just broadcasting in general, which is what Periscope attempted to do earlier this year with its Super Hearts feature.

Periscope Lets Users Tip Broadcasters With ‘Super Hearts’
Those who live stream their gaming on Twitch as their full time job obviously need a way to make money. Sure, there are sponsorships, but it’s always nice when the community helps out too, and Twitch introduced an official way to tip broadcasters last year through a feature called Cheering.


Periscope’s Live 360 Degree Videos Now Available To All
Being able to publish videos filmed in 360 degrees isn’t new. In fact most video platforms already offer up such functionality, but the ability to live stream such videos isn’t quite as widely available yet. YouTube launched such a feature last year and so did Twitter’s Periscope platform.

Twitter Brings Ads To Periscope Videos
If you’re really into watching Periscope videos then you have to mentally prepare yourself for ads. Periscope, owned by Twitter, is soon going to display pre-roll ads to viewers. Twitter has confirmed today that it’s now going to start making money off of its streaming service that’s over two years old. The monetization plans start with pre-roll video ads on both live and archived videos.

Twitter’s Periscope Now Offers Live 360 Degree Videos
With the introduction of virtual reality technology, there has been an increased focus towards creating 360-degree videos, which basically when combined with a VR headset, allows users to get a 360-degree look in the video itself. This is versus more traditional forms of recording where you only get to see where the camera lens is pointed at.

You Can Broadcast Live Video From Twitter Starting Today
Twitter already offers a live video streaming app called Periscope but it’s now taking that technology and putting it right inside the main Twitter app. The microblogging service announced today that users can now broadcast live video straight from the Twitter app. The live broadcast feature is powered by Periscope.

Periscope Streaming Expands Beyond Smartphones
Periscope streaming is no longer confined to just smartphones. Twitter’s live streaming service has confirmed today that it’s going beyond smartphones. Periscope will now be able to stream video from just about anything. It has announced the launch of a new feature called Producer which is meant for those who want to use devices other than smartphones to stream live video.

Meerkat Live Streaming App Bites The Dust
Last year, mobile live streaming apps instantly became popular. Leading the charge were apps like Meerkat and Periscope. While Periscope has stuck around, things haven’t been that good for Meerkat. It may have been one of the most popular apps for a few months last year but it has now reached the end of the road. The developers of Meerkat have officially pulled this app and it will now remain […]

Tumblr Live Video Service To Launch Soon
It appears that Tumblr is on the verge of launching a new live video service. Some evidence has surfaced online from a promotional page for this as yet unannounced service, which reveals that Tumblr is looking to compete against the likes of Periscope, Twitch, and Facebook Live. Live video streaming services are gaining traction these days so perhaps Tumblr sees significant growth potential to pursue something similar.

Periscope’s ‘Go Live’ Button On Twitter Now Available To All
Last month it was reported that Twitter would soon be adding a “Go Live” button in its mobile app which will basically integrate Periscope with the app, sort of. At the time it was spotted, Twitter stated that they were merely testing out the feature and that it hadn’t rolled out to all of its users yet.

Periscope Might Select You For 'Jury' Duty
Harassment is a big issue for users on social networks. Efforts are made to ensure that people are not harassed online but still there’s a lot more to be done. Periscope is doing its bit to ensure that it can clamp down on harassment on its platform, and for this, it’s going to lean on its users who will be randomly selected for “flash juries” to check comments from other […]

Periscope’s Broadcasts Are Now Saved By Default
Early this month we reported that Periscope had begun testing out a way for users to save their broadcasts. This was done by added the “#Save” tag in the title of their broadcast and it would be saved. Obviously this is a rather inefficient method of saving since sometimes users might forget to use the tag.

Periscope’s ‘Go Live’ Button Will Be Integrated Into Twitter
If you’re someone who loves using Periscope and its live broadcasting feature, you might be interested to learn that according to a report from The Verge, it seems that the Twitter app will be getting a “Go Live” button which will allow users to start live streaming via Periscope at a touch of a button.

Woman Broadcasts Suicide On Periscope
It is getting more and more difficult to separate our digital personas from our actual lives – they are simply too intertwined these days for the connected world, and while there are benefits to it, no doubt this is also a two-edged sword. For instance, the app Periscope allows the whole world to look into your everyday life, which can be pretty entertaining for some, but horrifying if implemented the […]

Permanent Broadcasts, Drone Support And More Coming To Periscope Soon
Periscope today announced that it’s going to make broadcasts permanent in just a few weeks, this means that Periscope broadcasts will no longer disappear after 24 hours by default, they will be permanently available on the broadcaster’s profile. It will be up to users if they want to use this feature, they can continue to have broadcasts disappear by default, and they can always delete them whenever they want to.

Periscope Testing Allowing Users To Save Their Broadcasts
Unlike YouTube where you can always revisit old videos, the whole point of Periscope to stream live videos on the spot, meaning that if you miss it then that’s just too bad. This is fine we guess if you did not put much effort in your streams, but if you’re a professional who relies on social media applications like Periscope to make a living, then saving your hard work probably […]

Periscope Will Now Let Broadcasters Sketch During Live Streams
About a week ago, we reported that Facebook Live had been updated with some new features. We also reported that one of the upcoming features was the ability to allow users to make sketches and doodles on live streams as they take place, but it turns out that Twitter has beaten Facebook to the punch.

Periscope Turns One, Hosted 200 Million Broadcasts
Time certainly does fly while you are having fun, doesn’t it? Periscope has just turned one, and it has been an exciting 12 months since its launch, having been acquired by Twitter to be a major plan of the future for the microblogging site. In fact, to get a better idea on the potential of Periscope, Twitter has announced that to date, 200 million broadcasts have been hosted already using […]