periscope savedEarly this month we reported that Periscope had begun testing out a way for users to save their broadcasts. This was done by added the “#Save” tag in the title of their broadcast and it would be saved. Obviously this is a rather inefficient method of saving since sometimes users might forget to use the tag.

The good news is that you won’t have to bother anymore. According to a recent tweet by Periscope, they have announced that broadcasts are now saved by default. “It’s here! Update your Periscope app to permanently save your broadcasts by default (no #save needed).” This means that you’ll always be able to go back to your previous broadcasts if you wish.

No doubt this will be great for users as prior to this and even before the #save tag, Periscope broadcasts would only be kept around for 24 hours before disappearing for good. The reason Periscope introduced #save was because they feel that sometimes the effort that gets put into a live broadcast would be wasted if the video wasn’t kept around for after.

Granted not all Periscope broadcasts are studio-quality productions, but there are some social media users who rely on Periscope, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to make a living, so keeping their videos around would be like creating a portfolio of their work, but even then it’s always nice to be able to save a memory, right?

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