In this day and age, there are many ways to make money that weren’t an option say 5 years ago. A good example would be livestreaming, where it seems that people are more than happy to give money to other people to watch them livestream a game, or just broadcasting in general, which is what Periscope attempted to do earlier this year with its Super Hearts feature.

Now it seems that Twitter is hoping to entice more users to broadcast using its Periscope platform, and they are making some changes to encourage that. One of those changes includes no longer taking a cut from Super Hearts, save for a small administration fee, but other than that, pretty much whatever the broadcaster makes from these Super Hearts will be kept entirely by them.

For those unfamiliar, Super Hearts is a feature that was introduced earlier this June. It is basically a way for viewers to tip their favorite broadcasters and to show their appreciation, where Super Hearts can be purchased using real-world money. At the end of every month, broadcasters can then redeem their Super Hearts for cash.

Prior to this, Twitter had a 70-30 split where they would take a 30% cut, but like we said, that is no longer the case, which should make it more enticing for broadcasters to use Periscope. Such methods of tipping aren’t new and we have seen similar efforts from Amazon-owned Twitch. In addition to not taking a cut, Periscope is also offering users extra bonuses until the end of the year, where if they earn $1,000 worth of Super Hearts during either month, they’ll be getting an additional $100 bonus.

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