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LG G Flex Review
Late 2013 was certainly interesting as handset manufacturers started to utilize the inherent flexibility of OLED display technology. By nature, OLED is made of a plastic, so it much more prone to be flexible than LCD technology which requires a flat glass surface to work. In reality, it’s more complicated than that, but the fact is: curved or flexible phones have arrived, thanks to that display technology.Now, it is important […]

Motorola Droid ULTRA Review
Motorola released three new Droids smartphones just a few months ago: the Droid ULTRA, the Droid MAXX and the Droid MINI. The Droid ULTRA is the droid that you’ve been looking for if you want to save a couple of bucks from the Droid MAXX, which has an increased 3500mAh battery. It’s also a phone you might be interested in if you owned the Droid RAZR in the past and […]

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Review
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 Review | this article looks at critical aspects of the Galaxy Mega 5.3 usage model to help you decide if it is your best option

T-Mobile Sony XPERIA Z Review
T-Mobile Sony XPERIA Z Review | Now that T-Mobile and Sony have released the XPERIA Z in the U.S, we can take a second look at the phone and tell you how it performs.


Sony Xperia ZL Review
Sony Xperia ZL Review | The Sony Xperia ZL all around is a great Android smartphone that certainly does feature the best of Sony in a smartphone. It has a stunningly beautiful 5-inch display.

BlackBerry Q10 Review
We review the BlackBerry Q10, the first BlackBerry 10 device to feature a physical QWERTY keyboard.

ASUS Fonepad Review
We review ASUS Fonepad, which is their 7-inch tablet which can double as a display.

Nokia Lumia 928 Review
Nokia Lumia 928 Review | We take a look at the Nokia Lumia 928, which is a slightly improved version of the Lumia 920, available on Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review
Galaxy Mega 6.3 Review | Samsung designed the Galaxy Mega 6.3 to provide a tablet experience in a smartphone form-factor, and this review covers the critical aspects of this phone.

Galaxy S4 Review
Galaxy S4 Review | This review provides a great overview of how it feels to use the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the real world and includes performance analysis, camera samples and plenty of photos

Samsung Galaxy Mega Preview
Samsung Galaxy Mega Preview | we got our hands on this yet to be released Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, so here are our first impressions

LG Optimus G Pro Review
LG Optimus G Pro Review | this complete review of the LG Optimus Pro covers every important aspect of this smartphone: performance, design, ergonomics and apps.

Samsung ATIV S Review
This Samsung ATIV S Review looks at nearly all aspects of this smartphone, including its design, photography, performance and battery life.