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iPad 2 Photograph Frame is expensive
If for some reason you think that the iPad is the perfect device to use as a photo frame, Hammacher has designed a product just for you. Called the iPad 2 Photograph Frame, it lets you turn your iPad into a digital photo frame. All you have to do is set your iPad 2 to show the pictures you want, turn it sideways and slide it into the dark cherry […]

Sonamba: the high-tech communication tool for independent seniors
We all know that the elderly market isn’t exactly hottest demographic to manufacture technology for, but it’s good to know that there are companies that keep them in mind. One such company is pomdevices, a company that is known for creating devices that allows elderly people to live life independently. Its latest product, the Sonamba is one such device.

Chumby8 digital photo frame announced
Chumby has just announced the release of their next generation Chumby digital photo frame, the Chumby8. What sets the Chumby8 apart from other digital photo frames is that instead of only serving up photographs, the Chumby8 also has the ability to connect to the internet (through WiFi), run apps, as well as play music. Over 1,500 free apps have been made available for the Chumby8, letting users personalize the photo […]

Motion-sensing photo frames from NIX
Do you own any digital photo frames, but feel that they are a waste of electricity when you leave them on for nobody to look at? Well the folks over at NIX have come up with a solution to the problem – motion-sensing photo frames. These specially designed photo frames have sensors that can detect if anybody is nearby before it powers itself on to display the photographs stored on […]


Kodak Pulse photo frame email system down for days
The Kodak Pulse Wi-Fi photo frame was probably one of the cooler gifts for Christmas since it would make sharing pictures to relatives an easy thing to do – just email the frame directly. Of course, since the service itself is linked to Kodak, the bad news is that Kodak’s servers were down since Christmas Eve, taking the emailing feature down with it. It wasn’t immediately obvious that the problem […]

Nikon To Launch 3D Conversion Service For Its Digital Photo Frame
Nikon is planning to offer a rather interesting Android-powered 3D photo frame over in Japan. The NF-300i features a 7.2-inch display and is capable of converting any image from 2D to 3D, with the 3D image being visible from up to a meter away, not to mention the good news that you won’t need to wear any fancy glasses either. That’s the good news, and the bad news is that […]

Panasonic MW-20 Digital Photo Frame Can Serve as Multimedia Player
Panasonic’s MW-20 digital photo frame can integrate nicely with your iPhone or iPod Touch to serve as a multimedia docking station, allowing users to either display videos or photos or music stored on the iOS devices using the digital photo frame’s built-in speakers or screen. The 9-inch LCD display on the MW-20 can play any image stored on the device’s built-in 2 GB internal storage or on the Apple devices […]

Pandigital 3G Enabled Photo Frame
Pandigital’s new Internet-connected photo frame, the Photo Mail LED Digital Photo Frame sports a 3G connection from AT&T, as well as an always-on connection to HP’s Snapfish photo service. With those features in place, the photo frame can automatically show any photos sent to an individually given e-mail address, reflecting that content on a publicly accessible Snapfish web site. If online isn’t your thing, you can always use its 6-in-1 […]

Sony Digital Frame with built-in printer
This Sony DPP-F700 digital frame has a built-in color that can output 6×4″, 300dpi photos in just 45 seconds. The main display is a 7″ LCD screen with a 800×480 resolution. It’s not a touch display, but the buttons on the right side of the frame will let you edit photos and do basic corrections before printing. The photos can come from flashcards (SD, CF, Memory Stick…) or via USB, […]

HP DreamScreen 100 and 130, live photos
HP has just announced a new family of devices called DreamScreen 100 and DreamScreen 130. As their names indicate, they have 10.2″ and 13.3″ displays. Some might call DreamScreen a “Tablet”, but we do think of it as a very smart photo frame. It is a wirelessly connected display that can stream content from other computers (music, movies, photos…) but it can also connect to the web and get web […]