Hammacher iPad 2 Photograph FrameIf for some reason you think that the iPad is the perfect device to use as a photo frame, Hammacher has designed a product just for you. Called the iPad 2 Photograph Frame, it lets you turn your iPad into a digital photo frame. All you have to do is set your iPad 2 to show the pictures you want, turn it sideways and slide it into the dark cherry finish frame. In the event you need to hit the home button, the frame has got a special built-in home button that lets you press it without having to take the tablet out.

The frame also features a slot for you to store a regular photograph when you remove the tablet from the frame – it doesn’t look so barren. While this photograph frame is a pretty neat idea (could be a great way to keep your iPad 2 hidden from robbers) it does make me wonder – how often is somebody going to use his/her iPad 2 as a photo display? There’s just so many other things you can use the iPad 2 for. However if the Photograph Frame is what you’ve been looking for, you can head over to Hammacher’s website to pick one up for a pricey $99.95.

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