Panasonic MW-20 Digital Photo Frame Can Serve as Multimedia Player

Panasonic’s MW-20 digital photo frame can integrate nicely with your iPhone or iPod Touch to serve as a multimedia docking station, allowing users to either display videos or photos or music stored on the iOS devices using the digital photo frame’s built-in speakers or screen. The 9-inch LCD display on the MW-20 can play any image stored on the device’s built-in 2 GB internal storage or on the Apple devices that are docked to it. The frame has a hinged base design that serves not only as a stand for the frame, but also doubles as a speaker with the built-in 5.6-mm Super Slim Semi Dome Speaker and diffuser. There are screensavers, an ambient light controller to automatically adjust backlighting to the light around the room, and an SD card for more picture viewing. The device does lack wireless and has no built-in WiFi nor 3G. The Panasonic MW-20 is slated for a price tag of $250 for a November release according to the company.

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